Propel's Story

Our Story

Claiming hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs, the March 2009 economy was searching for options. Jamie Teasdale, Propel's founder, had a great experience with her employer, but when the company announced its upcoming closure, Jamie had no desire to redevelop her resume, search for a job, or go through the interview process.

Coming from a family where entrepreneurship was a way of life and given 19 years of varied experience supporting small to medium sized businesses, and large corporations, Jamie was ready to see what was possible.

In April of 2009, after compiling passion, service potential, and a brief conversation with a local business owner, the light bulb glared over her head and a business was born.

Always Growing

From 2009 to now, Propel Businessworks has impacted businesses of all sizes and helped them realize their potential, plan for growth, and reach their goals... and Propel is growing too.

With a team of experts by your side, the possibilities are endless. We’re in the business of supporting businesses and we’d love to hear from you!

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