Home Office Makeover FTW!

Did you catch my post on Feb 12th? Propel’s office has been a fun journey and evolution over these last 12 years. Today, I’m revealing the “after” of Q1: 2021’s home office makeover – (for the win)!! To see the ‘before’ check out Propel’s Office Evolution here. For the past couple years I have been…

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Early Mornings Require Organization

For me, prepping for early mornings and full days requires organization and starting the night before:✔️to-do list organized✔️inbox organized✔️schedule organized✔️projects and team organized Hitting the ground running, as I’m doing a lot in this season, takes organization so I can get a quick workout in before the sun is up! BAM! 💪🏼💥 What tricks do…

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Entrepreneurs Wear the All The Hats

Entrepreneurs often wear all the hats. From bookkeeping, admin tasks, team development, planning, project management, sales and marketing, to being their own IT department, every day can be different knowing you might have to switch hats mid-task to handle a more immediate issue. That’s me. That was this week… When I started Propel, I made…

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“Open For Business”

Small businesses are my passion. I’ve been the daughter of a small business couple since 1990 and I’ve seen, supported, and worked in every aspect of the entreprenuer’s life since then, advocating for their success and survival. Small businesses have been challenged, detoured, and all-out stopped in the last year and it’s been sad to…

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Making Time for Personal Priorities

As a business owner since 2009, I’ve found that many times over the years I’ve had to learn the value of taking time to invest in personal priorities. As a responsibilitarian, my clients and the workloads often even take precedence over my own self-care. But some weeks, months, and even years (Hello, 2020!) call for…

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The Road Less Traveled

Truthfully, I miss my love affair with Portland. The small businesses, landmarks, cornerstones of commerce, parks, and other treasured places that provide comfort in knowing they have held history, value, purpose, and meaning in our town. For a few reasons I don’t commute as often as I used to and because of that I have…

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Steps for Doing an Online Brand Audit & Why It’s Important

Pause for a moment, and let’s ponder something together: When you search for your business online, what shows up? Go now and take a look. What does that search result yield? And what does it say about you?  Here’s the straight truth: These days, your online brand precedes you. Whether you know it, ignore it,…

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Take Me To The River

#EntrepreneurLife is always interesting and this week has been nothing short of it. Ever had one of those weeks where everything seems to be stacking against you? Well, in those weeks I turn my focus upward and inward, get outside to marvel at nature, and try to rest my thoughts. Because days like the one…

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Propel’s Office Evolution

Admittedly, I am drawn to offices. There’s something about being productive, working on your craft, and being good at what you do that calls to me. We are all given talents and skills which we can build and hone. And when we do, we find purpose and fulfillment putting our hands to that work. But…

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Pioneer like Lewis & Clark

Lewis and Clark: visionaries, adventurers, pioneers. They were all-or-nothing discoverers. They were ‘go till we find it’, strong, fearless, and brave ‘until we can’t go any further’ types – & they made it. Be like them. Discover. Do the hard things. Keep going. You are strong, brave, and fearless. Never give up! #beapioneer #lewisandclark

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