Where Inflation Meets Business

The world is yet again being squeezed. Now, it’s inflation and the increase of prices everywhere you turn. Today I’m talking about where inflation meets business, why it matters, and Propel’s stance on the situation. Because history is only repeating itself and this isn’t permanent… Surely we’re in for an interesting summer. Gas prices are…

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Boss Baby?

A client recently suggested I put a headset on my belly while holding client meetings. His personal experience is that both of his boys rule the roost and are bosses of the house, so surely they assumed the boss baby role from mom and dad pre-birth and post. His recommendation is from the position that…

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The Practice of Creating Space

The practice of creating space

A dear friend of mine recently sent out New Year’s greeting cards along with a letter recounting 2021 as she experienced it. As I read the first paragraph, I paused, reread it again multiple times, and then proceeded to read the whole letter. Today, with her permission, I’d like to share what she wrote and…

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Looking For Margin…

I know it’s early in the year, but it’s already been stacked and I’m actively looking for margin to bake into my workloads and days. Can I just skip the meetings and computers and technology today? And the building and strategy and organizing and project management and brain use? Some days, no matter how much…

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It’s A Girl! My Forever Galentine

It's A Girl! My Forever Galentine

Women have officially adopted the day before Valentine’s Day to get some girl-time in. For me, Galentine’s Day has, in the past, seemed like a great excuse to grab a glass of wine or a bite to eat with a girlfriend. But I have a new, forever Galentine in my life, and she arrives in…

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Linking Arms With Visionary Entrepreneurs

Linking Arms with Visionary Entrepreneurs

Long strategy sessions energize me, especially when they’re held offsite at a gorgeous country location, with sunshine pouring in and a great business is being born. But it’s the linking arms with visionary entrepreneurs that truly makes my work exciting and fulfilling… All-day or even half-day client meetings happen enough that I have a checklist…

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Surprising Beauty

What a sweet way for my forever love to arrive home. With “just because” roses that he couldn’t resist because of their firey and surprising beauty that resemble a vibrant and enduring flame. We’ve been together for 17 years and married for almost that long, but the last 9 have been the most rewarding, most…

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For the Love of a Parent

These two😍!! Each time I leave my parent’s home in Central Oregon I have a moment. Driving down to the main highway I want to turn around and hug them again. Every. Time. Because as I’ve gotten older (and wiser) I realize I am who I am because of them and life is too short…

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Listening Differently

Listening to our body and giving it what it needs is so important. I have always been a morning person enjoying coffee and breakfast and bird chirps while the sun rises. Then 2020 hit and I had to start listening differently. Now it’s become easier to hear and I’ve created habits that are personally better…

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