Where Is Your Time Spent Most Effectively?

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Knowing how to identify your skills and when to call the expert. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, you often get caught between extremes. One example is your time. Yes, you get to set your own schedule so ideally you can spend more time doing what you love, BUT there’s always so much work…

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Getting active in – and activating – your community

How you can get the most out of the business communities you belong to “Community” is a buzzword currently making its way around in popularity. It’s a good word with a good message; it implies our innate desire to forge deep and meaningful relationships. But how does that translate to our professional lives? Is it…

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Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy Part 3: LinkedIn

How to maximize LinkedIn company pages for your business LinkedIn is a social media networking site every business professional should be on. LinkedIn was created for and focuses on allowing professionals to interact with and expand their network based on “connections” – the LinkedIn equivalent of “friends” or “followers.” Some people know about LinkedIn and…

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Time to Set Up Shop

office space

The signs telling you it’s time to move your business out of the garage and rent an office space for your business location Most great things start small and rise to greatness from humble beginnings. Many businesses follow that pattern: from the start-up phase in a make-do kitchen office, businesses grow and eventually reach the…

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Keeping Your WordPress Website Optimal

wordpress computer

5 things to maintain on your WordPress website WordPress is great. It’s what we use 99% of the time for our clients, it’s what we use ourselves. There are a number of reasons we love WordPress so much: it’s easy to use, easy to maintain, highly customizable, and gives our clients more value for the…

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Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy part 2: Twitter

How to create an explosive business Twitter presence. Twitter is a well-established social network, but it might be one you don’t use for business. In fact, just 85% of businesses utilize Twitter in their social media strategy compared to the 91% who use Facebook. And of that 85%, roughly 60% are users who have an account but don’t know…

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Social Media Privacy Laws in Oregon


A few weeks ago, the Portland Business Journal published an article about House Bill 2654. This bill would prevent employers from asking their employees to friend them or give them access to their social media sites. These social media protection laws, according to the article, were passed in several states last year and 33 other…

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Take Note! part 2


Process documentation tips for every business owner In part 1, we talked about the desirable ways process documentation can affect your business. Now in part 2, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty details of how to actually get this done. We all know how busy you are and that you really didn’t need one more…

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Take Note! part 1

Why process documentation is important for your business if you want to grow Process documentation might sound like the least exciting task ever. And it might be – except for preparing taxes and balancing the checkbook. But we’d like to help you see that process documentation might be one of the most vital strategies you…

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How to use bit.ly to shorten links

Bit.ly is a great tool you can use to shorten URL’s, making them look cleaner and take up fewer characters. This is especially helpful on Twitter, when you only have 140 characters! Watch the video to learn how it works and how to do it. P.S. If you don’t have time or can’t have sound,…

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