How to Lead By Content

Becoming a leader in your industry is a goal well worth strategizing for. Your online presence is one of the primary ways you establish and leverage your reputation as an expert in your field. Providing your audience with top-notch content sets you apart from the other players in your field. Curating a level of high-quality…

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Life Principles and How They Apply to Business

The definition of principle is as follows: A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning. We all have principles that govern our personal lives, which inform the choices we make and how we function in the world.  Life Informs Business…

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5 Things to Consider In Your Email Marketing Plan

Email marketing is an important – but often overlooked and undervalued – component of your marketing strategy. The benefits are simple. Over 3.5 billion people globally have an email address, and email remains the primary method of online communication. On top of that, statistics indicate you’ll get a $21 return for every $1 you spend on an email…

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Planning and Preparation

Everyone would more than likely agree that one of the major keys to success for anything in life is a healthy dose of planning and preparation. This is especially true of professional business endeavors. Of course, there are other elements that matter in making your business and life successful, such as organization and taking action…

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4 Things to Consider When Business Planning For Next Year

Another year is coming to a close; last year has almost come and gone. With the holidays around the corner, the new year will be here before we know it! As we enter the 4th quarter, businesses are beginning to plan for the upcoming year. Planning doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Some must place reminders…

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Go Where You Are Celebrated

Cultivating a sense of belonging and community is what makes us human. Understandably, we want to go where we are loved, embraced, and fully accepted for who we are. And we should.  Although different from our personal lives, we should seek the same standards for ourselves professionally. And perhaps even a step further: we need…

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What You Need to Know About Building a Content Marketing Strategy

The art of content marketing is essential in today’s online business world. Put simply, content marketing is the distribution of content specifically designed to appeal to your target audience for a specific purpose. This usually refers to online communication, and generally encompasses everything from social media to your website to your blog to your e-newsletter…

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Working Well Under Pressure

We’ve likely all faced circumstances within our working lives that have, by default, put us under some degree of pressure. Moments we were pressed for time, presented with a difficult task, or stressed and spread thin. Perhaps alternatively, you can recall a time wherein you rose to the occasion under considerable pressure, and emerged even…

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Social Media: it’s Not Just About Being Social

The Importance of Social Media for Businesses This morning on the way to work, I was slapped on the back by Facebook, hit over the head with Twitter, and nagged at by Pinterest. But I am here to tell you that these debatably over-saturated platforms are crucial to your brand recognition, customer relations, and loyalty…

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It’s Not All Glamorous

These days, entrepreneurship is not only sought after in our culture, but highly encouraged, which is without a doubt, very much a good thing, especially given the current state of the world and our dire need for continued inspiration, creation, and exploration. It is what bonds us together through every season of life. Shared Experiences…

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