10 Ideas to Create Conversation on Social Media

The number of social media posts we see on a daily basis is astounding. From businesses to individuals, the content reaching us through social media varies from entertaining to easily ignored. Individuals seek engagement and a relationship with the brands that they care for. From a simple acknowledgement of a specific user, to asking a…

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Should You Get a Security Camera for Your Business?

Yоur Business iѕ оnе of your mоѕt imроrtаnt invеѕtmеntѕ, ѕо уоu should соnѕidеr all possible ways to protect it. This includes everything from protecting your files from online attacks to protecting your office from burglars. While protecting the files on your computer is as easy as purchasing some good and well known virus protector (like…

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Play By the Rules: Developing a Good Social Media Policy

Knowing where to begin your social media efforts can be confusing and frustrating. With so many different social media platforms to fully understand, it can be difficult to know how each one will affect your company. It is important for you to develop, and for everyone on the team to understand, your company’s social media…

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Why Automation is Essential in Email Marketing

In the era of social networking and mobile messaging, tech analysts tend to predict the demise of email once or twice a year. In spite of these gloomy projections, however, email is still regarded as one of the most useful and widely-used components of the internet. While it may be true that mobile applications such…

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20 Amazing Benefits of Hugging According to Science (+10 Hugging Tips)

benefits of hugging

Over the centuries, various forms of interpersonal touch have become less common, influenced by changes in cultural values and new technology. Nowadays, with twenty four hour access to mobiles, texting and email, many people spend more time interacting with their technology than they do with each other. This lack of touch has many effects on…

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How to Know When to Post

Social media is becoming one of the most popular marketing tools around. No wonder because it’s efficient and cost-effective. Virtually every demographic is using some sort of social media making it the best new thing since the TV ad. It can help your business engage with your customers and build brand identity. The question is…

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There Is Such a Thing As An Opportune Moment

One of the greatest questions that has come about as the use of social media and digital marketing has progressively grown…. “When should I be posting this?” You want to reach your target market and provide them with your content, but when are they online? Will they actually see my post, e-newsletter, or blog article…

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What Your Digital Marketing Campaign Is Lacking

Ecommerce is quickly supplanting brick and mortar retail. Ecommerce has grown to eight percent of all retail sales. While this may not seem like a lot, given proper context, it’s actually a massive amount of overall sales. Ecommerce retail sales will grow to $1.915 trillion by the year 2020. The trend is clear, and businesses…

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What You Say Isn’t as Important as How You Say It

Capturing your audience’s attention and keeping it is harder than ever before. With countless social media platforms, smart phone apps, and cat videos, consumers today are never far from entertainment. The average attention span for a US adult in 2013 was 8 seconds. To put this number into perspective, the average attention span of a…

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Ease the Growing Pains: Make the Digital Business Shift

Relying on outdated methods to manage and operate a business can become a significant liability when it comes to expansion efforts. Access to the full range of tools and resources that may be required in order grow a business, optimize revenue or expand into new markets is never a consideration that should be taken lightly.…

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