Forever In Their Debt

With a grateful heart I remember, salute, and honor those who sacrificed it all to serve our country, and their families. Our country will forever be in their debt. Thank you to the mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, friends and extended family who have given their own so that our freedoms and safety may remain. As…

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17 Years Strong

Established and anchored in unity, my rock and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend and we’re proud to be 17 years strong… We would never have guessed, imagined or set out to start a family in our 40’s, nor would we have thought to wait until we’d been married for this long. But what…

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Chugging Along to the Finish Line

It’s been “one of THOSE” steady pace weeks where I find myself just chugging along to the finish line. We’re wrapping up projects and beginning to tie up loose ends with excitement around every turn! I took the scenic routes with pauses and naps, still covered LOTS of ground, finished some amazing projects, spoke my…

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Only YOU Are Responsible

You(!), business owner… only you are responsible for the business brand your company embodies, shares, and the consistency with which it operates… Yes, you may have team members who represent you, but ultimately, it comes down to how YOU instill standards. How do YOU approve brand messaging? How do YOU create and exemplify the customer…

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Guiding Principles That Act As A Team Fence

Imagine a fence around your business. It keeps people out and protects the people within. As I build our team at Propel, my goal is to use guiding principles that act as a team fence to ensure quality and alignment are secure before moving forward. What guiding principles do you have in place that allow…

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Steps For Preparing To Go On Leave

Have you ever wondered what it would take to to on an extended leave from work? Can’t seem to wrap your mind around what it would require to go on a sabbatical? Me either. But when I found out I was pregnant I knew I had to figure it out. Today, as the planner and…

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Why Pivoting is Still Important for Small Businesses

During the pandemic the word “pivot” became a catchphrase for businesses large and small alike. Everyone was talking about how to shift gears, stay relevant, and remain in business in general, which required most to evaluate and turn attention to a new way of operating. But the pandemic changed the world and as much as…

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I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to learn that many people have never heard of a babymoon. While it’s similar to a honeymoon (which happens after a wedding), a babymoon happens before baby arrives and it can be a very special time for couples to connect before their family grows. With the thought of our…

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Celebrate Your Entrepreneurial Leap

Celebrate Your Entrepreneurial Leap | Propel Businessworks

It happens for every entrepreneur. Whether they moonlight with a side hustle, or they jump in feet first without a safety net, the moment they decide to make their business idea official is exhilarating and memorable. Over the years, as the weight and freedom, roles and responsibilities become more and more real, the decision and…

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A Mellow Mood

Just to the right of my desk sits a window I can gaze out of to savor the weather, daydream, think and process, or to giggle at our flock of seven chickens. It helps keep work/life balance in some ways, but today, as I study the sky from Propel’s control center, I’m in a mellow…

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