“The Social Network” – A Cautionary Tale

For those of you who have a Facebook page (1.23 billion active users worldwide) you have Mark Zuckerberg to thank. It’s not only Mr. Zuckerberg however, that helped dream up this idea. Although he is the main designer behind the internet site, there were other influencers who helped propel the process along. For those of…

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Jamie Teasdale Talks Reaching Your Business Goals on MediaShower

Jamie Teasdale had the opportunity to be interview by MediaShower about reaching your business goals. You can find the full interview on their website, but here is a sample of the interview. Propel Businessworks helps individuals reach their business goals. How does the team at Propel Businessworks achieve this? Propel is a small business growth strategy…

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New Year’s Resolutions for Every Small Business


Making it through another year in your small business is a great achievement, but your work is still ongoing! We asked small business owners what they wanted to happen in the New Year, and these classic challenges are worth taking another look at to develop on.   1) Profitability and Growth This most basic of…

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Budgeting for Social Media Marketing by Kimberley Laws

In this internet-crazed, social media-addicted, mobile device-obsessed world, companies need to foster a strong digital presence. Whether your business is interested in entering the realm of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blogging or any other online marketing tool, you will not only need to develop a plan of attack–you will also need to devise a method…

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8 Modern Lighting ideas for Home Office from Jessica Max

Lighting can work wonders for any home. It can emphasize certain areas of the room or provide an open space for going about your daily activities. A poorly lit home can lead to eyesight problems and affect your overall mood, especially in regions that are known to be dark during the day. In the home…

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Why Relationships Matter by Kimberley Laws

The Importance of Business Relationships

No man is an island. And no business can succeed without fostering a myriad of healthy relationships. Innovative products, an advertising budget of mammoth proportions, and competitive pricing are all fine and dandy, but the secret to a thriving business is people–your employees, your suppliers, your contacts, and, most of all, your customers. Here are…

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6 Ways To Stay Healthy (While Sitting Down)

We all know some jobs can be mind-numbingly boring (not mine, of course), but did you know that sitting down all day can be incredibly bad for your health too? Well, it can. As well as being terrible for circulation, sitting down – typically at an office desk – can also increase the likelihood of…

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What An Employee Looks For In A Business

“I aspire to work for a mediocre company where I can, at the very least, tolerate my job.” Very few people actually start out their careers with this goal in mind, but many wind up doing exactly that–enduring day after day of dissatisfying drudgery for an employer that they feel no connection with or loyalty…

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7 Ways You Can Develop A Team of Leaders

As an entrepreneur, you are the leader of your team members. You provide them tasks, direction, and inspiration. They work for you and your business because they believe in your vision. However, you also want your team members to become leaders themselves so you can take a step back from your business and trust your…

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