Grab Your Readers with Effective Copy by Ashley Kipp


  It certainly is no secret that when browsing through both online and print reading material, we have a tendency to dive-in with much interest to some articles, and quickly pass over others.  It is also very clear that as a business owner, we most definitely want any content related to our business promotion to…

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Wearable Fall Trends by Cara Chace

Fall is my favorite time of year for fashion. The clothes are luxurious, rich, and cozy. You can perfect your layering skills and find that signature piece that is uniquely yours. Every season, designers send looks down the runway, and trends emerge across the shows to guide us into what is “on trend.” While some…

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Back In the Swing of Things

Labor Day has come and gone, school is back in session, and suddenly summer is over. We’re looking at the last few months of 2012, and it’s time to roll up our sleeves and end this year on a high note. Remember your 2012 business plan? Does it seem a little far-fetched to try and…

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Shop Local!

I’m sure you’ve seen the bumper stickers and heard the phrase “shop local.” It’s a whole movement centered on a single idea: shop local to support your local economy. There’s a whole list of cause and effect reasons why it’s beneficial to shop this way, but here are some of the most compelling ones: For…

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Local Economy Booster: Black Wagon by Joe Streckert

With the approach of Labor Day, parents inevitably seek out new clothes for their children’s upcoming school year. Nestled between several chic apparel and antique shops on North Mississippi, is Black Wagon. The store abounds with children’s clothing, books, toys, and art, and the back-to-school season promises to be busy. Many of Black Wagon’s wares…

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Branding By Design by Haley Lewis

Many small business owners I meet with say they are ready to create their brand. But in most cases they already have a brand– they just don’t know it. And tragically (for their business and bottom line) their incidental brand is probably not the image they want to project to customers. Branding or rebranding is…

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Truth or Dare? – Raising Your Expectations

Remember playing truth or dare as kids? Everyone took turns going around the circle, choosing to share either a truth about themselves or, if you were really cool, taking on a dare that the group challenged you with. It was a moment of truth: whether or not you would actually do the dare. Being an…

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How to Hire a Web Designer [pt. 2] by Ken Howard

Your website is the first point of contact for potential customers. Using a template from do-it-yourself services just won’t cut it if you want to be taken seriously. Hiring a professional web designer is the first step. But how should you go about hiring one? Here’s some simple guidelines to hiring a professional web designer…

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How to Hire a Web Developer [pt. 1] by Ken Howard

Having a website is one of the first things you need to consider when starting a business. Whether it’s simply to present your products or services to potential customers, or to provide an ecommerce solution to sell said products or services you simply need a website. Here’s a straight-forward guide for hiring a web developer.…

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Independence and the Entrepreneur

entrepreneur working

America. Whatever else might be right or wrong with it, one of the greatest things our country has to offer is the chance for us to make our dreams a reality. There is something powerful to be said of our freedom to choose what we want to do, and have the resources readily available to…

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