Explaining Propel’s Content Marketing Approach

People have been commenting to me a lot recently on the ‘innovation’ of moving off of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms and publishing exclusively on Propel’s site. But I’ve found myself explaining Propel’s email marketing, blogging, and social approach more and more. So today, I’m breaking down the how and why’s of it……

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The Franz Bakery Innovator from 1970!

In 1970, Wes Smith single-handedly brought computerized systems to Franz Bakery’s accounting department (receivable, payable, payroll, and route accounting). Who was Wes Smith? My Grampa! Can you believe that? It took him 3 months to get all the manual accounting systems migrated over to the computer system, and he remembered staying late until 2am the…

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Keeping Your To-Do’s Straight

I’ve found that to-do lists are different for everyone. Some people are creative, others are analytical, and a few fall right in the middle using either physical or digital checklists during different seasons of life. For me, having a to-do list at my fingertips is an essential part of each day. If it’s not attached…

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On the Right Path

Life has a way of pointing us in different directions. Our job is to discern if the path being offered up to us is the right path or we need to shift our course. Over the years I’ve used my discernment muscle and been wrong. That is when I sit, reflect, and realize where the…

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Remember to take the high road

I know. Honesty can feel harsh and people can be mean. No one is perfect and the internet is a place many feel they can vent and hide behind. But! When a customer shares negative feedback, complains, or leaves a less than stellar review remember to always take the high road – for your own…

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My Greatest Supporter & Fan

Propel Businessworks wouldn’t be possible without your support, which I am enormously grateful for. You, your business, your referrals, and your trust allows Propel to continue making an impact. But, my greatest supporter and fan has, from day one, always been my husband Kevin. Today, May 21, 2021, we get to celebrate 16 years of…

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Why I *Really* Escaped Traditional Social Medias

Since jumping ship from traditional social medias I’ve experienced a few things I actually anticipated, and others I didn’t. I expected to feel lighter and freer. I knew people would ask about how and why and probably say “but, aren’t you in marketing?” What I didn’t expect was how long it would take me to…

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Have Tech, Will Travel

One of the incredible surprises I realized with having a business like Propel a few years into the journey was how this exciting adventure helping small businesses would afford me other exciting adventures to travel the country helping companies all over the U.S. Being a digital business means I can work from anywhere – truly…

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The Great Text Dilemma

Whenever asked, one of the greatest business/entrepreneur tools I shout from the rooftops is the out-of-office responder for email. Not only does provide immediate info to those who email me, announcing my unavailability, for how long, and when I’ll return – it also saves my sanity by allowing my responsibilitarian brain to rest knowing my…

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Finding My Inner Martha Stewart

Each year I take it upon myself to tackle at least one big project around our little homestead. Last year it was reorganizing and completely overhauling our garage, which took 10 whole weeks! But just like everyone else in the world, we tackled a ton of other home projects, too. Like selecting and planting bushes…

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