Learning From the Best: Volkswagen Focuses on Mom

With Mother’s Day just days away, moms are on our minds. Commercials are reminding us to do something nice for mom this Sunday; buy her flowers or chocolate, and thank her for everything she has done over the years. But there is one commercial a bit different than the rest, brought to us by Volkswagen.

Women gain more responsibilities when they become mothers; feed and bathe the kids, make sure they are safe, get them to soccer practice on time, etc. However, mothers also have some worst nightmare scenarios; your child throwing a tantrum in the store, losing track of your kids in public… And Volkswagen played out a mom’s worst nightmare – her kids creating a complete mess inside a convenience store.

Volkswagen used this commercial to promote their new, more fuel-efficient Passat. The new Passat requires fewer fill-ups and, according to the commercial, fewer fill-ups means fewer stops – and a decreased likelihood of chaos.

Volkswagen Passat

Image and video courtesy of YouTube and Volkswagen

The ad reaches multiple generations and target markets for a few different reasons:

1) Who is Willie Nelson?

For the younger generation, Willie Nelson is not a familiar name. Willie Nelson is a well-known country singer most prominently known for his album Shotgun Willie from 1973. Volkswagen used Willie’s song “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys,” and triggered the interest and attention of older generations.

2) Mom’s worst nightmare

All mothers can identify with the nightmare and chaos that occurs inside the convenience store. Volkswagen aims to help mothers have a more enjoyable ride. They no longer have to worry about what will happen as soon as they pull over to fill-up.

3) Time to spoil mom

For anyone looking to completely spoil mom this year, why not consider a new car?! Make mom’s life easier this year by getting her the gift that keeps on giving – fewer stops and less chaos.

This isn’t the first year Volkswagen has targeted moms. Don’t remember the previous commercial?

Image and video courtesy of YouTube and hepimordkaTV

Image and video courtesy of YouTube and hepimordkaTV

In 2013, Volkswagen ran a campaign for their Jetta and featured the vehicle for its safety features. One of mom’s (and dad’s) biggest concerns is the safety of their child, especially a newborn!

And, in 2012…. Darth Vader.

Image and video courtesy of YouTube and Volkswagen

Image and video courtesy of YouTube and Volkswagen

Although some may argue that this ad was targeted more towards dads, moms also want to see their kids happy. And what can make a kid happier than seeing his magic “work”?

Do you think Volkswagen’s commercial was successful?

We wish all moms a very Happy Mother’s Day and appreciate you for all you do!


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