Join the “You’ve Got Mail” Revolution

Why email communication at all? For better or for worse, our business and social lives rely heavily on email. Sometimes our seemingly archenemy, email does have a strong communicative core and the potential to be used effectively. Don’t we all love our flooded email inboxes after a two-week vacation; the sea of unopened digital messages…

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Content Curation for Newbies

Successful content curation Listen up newbies! Content curation is not copy-pasting your favorite aspects from someone else’s commentary or post. It is not regurgitating everything you’ve read online. And it is certainly not re-wording others’ articles. Content curation is the community manager version of an art curator. It is a refined and highly analytical business…

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Making the Most of Holiday Marketing

For most of us, holidays are something to look forward to. They represent a few extra days off work, extra time to spend with friends and family, and an excuse to eat delicious food. Holidays are also an excellent time to breathe fresh life into your marketing strategy by adding some festive cheer to your…

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Introducing Live Streaming Into Your Current Marketing Strategy

Over the past few years, we have seen the development of social platforms like Vine introducing users to video. Other platforms, such as SnapChat, Facebook, and Twitter, have encouraged users to use videos as part of their online strategy. However, the video-loving internet has led to an updated version of video: live streaming. Live streaming,…

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11 Improvements You Can Make To Your Website Now

Propel Businessworks Website Development Services

Think of some of the business websites that you visit regularly: what is it about their websites that keeps you interested? Is it the content the business publishes? The quality images or videos used? Or, maybe, it’s the layout design they have chosen. Whatever the case may be, they have captured your attention and have…

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Why DIY Marketing Is Not Good for Your Business


As a small business owner and entrepreneur, saving money is always on your mind! One department that tends to be unjustly cut from your budget is marketing. You might think you can handle it yourself, how hard could it really be? At first you even will probably save some money marketing your business on your…

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Email Marketing: Why it is a Communication Necessity

phone communication

At the heart of business lies the fundamental need to communicate and communicate well. Business has been called the art of relationships. Be it with vendors, colleagues or customers, maintaining relationships through good communication is key. When considering a communication strategy, there are more than several aspects to consider: venue, approach, desired outcome, channel, etc.…

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6 Steps to Success in Online Communication


Times have changed and so have the way we communicate with those around us. Our lives as individuals as well as in our businesses have adapted to the dominant presence of online communication tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  These platforms can no longer be defined as simply a trend within society but are…

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Creating Messages That Add Value


Have you thought about starting an e-newsletter campaign for your business and didn’t know if it was the right move? Have you ever wondered why your business needs an e-newsletter to begin with? After doing some research and reading various articles, I’ve compiled a small list of some of the top benefits of having an…

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