Life Principles and How They Apply to Business

The definition of principle is as follows: A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning. We all have principles that govern our personal lives, which inform the choices we make and how we function in the world.  Life Informs Business…

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Planning and Preparation

Everyone would more than likely agree that one of the major keys to success for anything in life is a healthy dose of planning and preparation. This is especially true of professional business endeavors. Of course, there are other elements that matter in making your business and life successful, such as organization and taking action…

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Go Where You Are Celebrated

Cultivating a sense of belonging and community is what makes us human. Understandably, we want to go where we are loved, embraced, and fully accepted for who we are. And we should.  Although different from our personal lives, we should seek the same standards for ourselves professionally. And perhaps even a step further: we need…

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Working Well Under Pressure

We’ve likely all faced circumstances within our working lives that have, by default, put us under some degree of pressure. Moments we were pressed for time, presented with a difficult task, or stressed and spread thin. Perhaps alternatively, you can recall a time wherein you rose to the occasion under considerable pressure, and emerged even…

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It’s Not All Glamorous

These days, entrepreneurship is not only sought after in our culture, but highly encouraged, which is without a doubt, very much a good thing, especially given the current state of the world and our dire need for continued inspiration, creation, and exploration. It is what bonds us together through every season of life. Shared Experiences…

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The Value of Freelancing

Freelancing is enticing for a number of reasons. As a freelancer, you are able to be your own boss, call your own shots, and determine your own schedule, workload, and the clients and projects you want to take. From a business owner’s perspective, you have the ability to hire a freelancer for a project and…

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Owning the Quality of Work You Do

Owning the quality of work you do is not just about the work itself, but everything that contributes to it. Taking ownership means being proactive, detail-oriented and exercising integrity, all of which develops trust: with your coworkers (if you have any), clients, and yourself. People want to know you will do the right thing, and…

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5 Ways to Build Long-Standing Customer Relationships

As humans, we are called into community. It enriches our lives and serves to support us in our respective and collective journeys. In striving towards our goals and creating a life we can truly be proud of, having a supportive and reliable community of people alongside you — those who will truly go the distance…

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The Privilege of Doing What You Love

As the old adage goes, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Mark Twain’s famous words had merit then, and they do now. After all, does anybody wake up and say to themselves, “I really want to be bored at my job today”? Probably…

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