Choosing Good Entreprenuerial Habits

Image courtesy of Pixabay and StartupStockPhotos

Image courtesy of Pixabay and StartupStockPhotos

The New Year is here and most of us are trying to settle back into the routine of real life. There’s really nothing remarkable about the changing of calendar dates except that the offering of a wonderful opportunity to take pause and look behind us to summarize so we can look ahead and plan. Part of this reevaluation process includes seeing mistakes and adjusting our course of action accordingly.
Why not take this time of year as a good excuse to create some good entrepreneurial habits?

Decide to be disciplined in the little things. Like waking up early. Consistency is key to success; without it, we lose direction and can find ourselves off track. Wasted time is probably the easiest way to be undisciplined. Giving yourself a no-option wake-up call – even on the days you don’t have to be anywhere until 11am – starts your day with definition and decision, and sets the tone for your day’s productivity.

Reevaluate your organizational system.

And do so more than once a year. Ever notice how stuff tends to accumulate without our knowledge in the oddest of out-of-place places? Depending on your business, maybe you need to organize and archive your computer files every six months.. For others, maybe it’s a file cabinet that winds up serving as a catch-all for your papers. Taking a good look at your current system (computer files, email mailboxes, file cabinets, contact spreadsheets, etc.) every now and again prevents an overwhelming project and also affords you the insight to know when you’ve outgrown your current system and need to set a new one in place.

Choose one habit to change.

It’s the subtle, unnoticed habits that hold all of us back from reaching our full potential. Think about the situations you encountered in business that caused you the most stress and frustration this past year. What was it about those situations that really got to you? Most of us start to see a pattern emerge; we don’t handle change well, or spontaneity consistently stressed you to the max, or we always got inordinately angry when deadlines were coming down to the wire. Personality type is one thing, but learning how to rightly respond to the things that consistently add more stress than necessary to our lives is another. Identify such habits and make a strategy of how you will learn to change it this year. Sometimes just being aware of our tendencies helps immensely in remedying the faulty ones.

The next 12 months are only dates on a calendar, but they are a period of time we can look at in terms of goals and dreams. We encourage you to use this opportunity to create some good entrepreneurial habits that will help make this year better than ever for you and your business!
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