Dream Content Creation Team

A dream team is “a team of people perceived as the perfect combination for a particular purpose”.

The art of creating content is both calculated and free-spirited. We are finding the continued blurring of industry lines as ideas and actions are fused together. It’s beautiful to see that science and art are no longer separate; that technology is being used to advance nonprofits; and that companies like Google and Apple are incorporating one-stop-shops for huge corporations as well as small business owners. What this all means for content creation is that one voice and one vision are not enough. Marketing teams should adopt richly diverse content creation teams.

Image courtesy of Pixabay and geralt

Image courtesy of Pixabay and geralt

Today a writer is the umbrella to hundreds of styles, personalities, sectors, and functions. While this is more inclusive it also requires writers to attain a higher level of “well-roundedness”, ability to be chameleons, and have the skills to be both calculated and free-spirited. To create this ideal writer, the strongest marketing teams are demanding diversity to build one well-rounded writer with different people bringing different aspects to the mix.

The best work comes from a cross-cultural team. Different people have different interests and viewpoints, and it’s important not to be so siloed. True to the recent Google movie, The Internship, a team comprised of multiple generations, diverse skill-sets, various cultures, and different ethnicities results in a larger audience reach, higher quality content, and a unique richness that other businesses with homogenous teams cannot achieve.

Strive to form complementary teams around differences rather than strengths in one area. This is a testing challenge to think out of the box, but Google does it every day, so how hard can it be?

Identify what project you want to accomplish first and what you want to see in your dream team. Watch your content flourish!

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