I salute you, Entrepreneur!

I Salute You Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs!! You deserve more credit than you receive – guaranteed. You work all day, many nights, when you’re sick, and even when you want to play. When the world is off vacationing you’re still thinking, scheming, planning, building. I salute you!

You deserve a break, some self-care, time to recharge and reset. Over the years I’ve learned how vital is it for me to take time over the holidays to stop, reflect, rest, gather my thoughts, get organized, get excited and create space for a new year.

Each year I suggest to so many of my associates that they follow my example and take at least a few days off during the month of December. If you think about it, everyone else is focusing on family and fun and festivities, so it’s an easy time to turn on your out of office vacation responder and bookend a weekend with two extra days off.

For those who have adopted the practice, a new annual tradition and habit has taken hold. Those who haven’t been able to snatch a few days, they express regret each and every year.

Let me just encourage you to consider this time of year as an opportunity to pause and step back to take a breath, recalibrate, and gather your wits before a whole new year is upon us. I always find I’m ready to hit the ground running when January 2nd arrives.

To your health and success!


  1. Sue Swain on December 10, 2021 at 9:00 am

    A great reminder from a friend who has exemplified this throughout the year.

    Thanks Jamie!


Jamie Teasdale

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