It’s Not All Glamorous

These days, entrepreneurship is not only sought after in our culture, but highly encouraged, which is without a doubt, very much a good thing, especially given the current state of the world and our dire need for continued inspiration, creation, and exploration. It is what bonds us together through every season of life.

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Shared Experiences

However, an undertaking as massive as entrepreneurship or business ownership shouldn’t be considered without first being realistic about what it will take to be successful (assuming that’s the goal). By all means, be passionate about your dream and chase it with your full heart; we will always encourage that. Just know that while we will never be able to fully predict the journey, and it does vary from individual to individual, there are common threads woven into the fabric of these shared experiences. 

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Highlight Reel

Social media often glamorizes and highlights the successes of entrepreneurship and its various endeavors but actively excludes other aspects that should be expected by anyone bold enough to begin. Generally, it’s very simple and comes down to tons of hard work, sacrifice, and pure grit as well as heart.  Many remarkable things have been and will continually be achieved with this winning combo. 

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So if you’re looking to finally start that professional goal or are brand new to the idea, we’d like to invite you to consider the list below and hopefully emerge feeling empowered: 

  1. You may be working long — or somewhat unusual — hours. Sometimes your entrepreneurship or business may require you to put in overtime, especially if it begins as a side hustle. You will have to find a way to make it work.  
  2. There’s seasons for everything. Depending on your industry, business, or current project, there may be slow moments, but there may also be incredibly busy times. Mentally prepare yourself for these changes of pace. 
  3. It will be ever-changing and not without challenges. Adventure is a given when doing anything within business. There will be times it surprises you. Tests you. Strengthens you. Such is the ebb and flow of an entrepreneur’s life. 
  4. Have a back up plan. Or several. Should your original plan(s) fall through, it’s always wise to have a plan B. And while you don’t need to predict the future, just make sure you have options. 
  5. Learn to embrace help. Maybe your business idea begins with just you. Maybe it grows in a way that can no longer be manageable by just you. Hire some help and know that hiring doesn’t mean help has to be an employee. You can find and contract with service providers to help you get all your jobs done! 
  6. Leverage the power of networking. People are generally extremely generous with their time and resources. Be okay accepting these; they will make you and your business better in the end. 
  7. Stay the course. Do what works and do it often. Maybe you prefer to use an old-school planner or specific project management system or process to stay on top of your to-do list and your business vision. This ensures your continued efficacy. 
  8. Hard work. Lots and lots of hard work. No further explanation needed here. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and be diligent with everything you do. Hard work never goes out of style and will always be a vital part in the formula for success. 
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As we all know by now, creating (and maintaining) something remarkable just takes time. It won’t happen overnight, and it’s certainly not all glamorous. But that’s to say nothing about how fulfilling your journey can and will be. 

So we dedicate this post to all of you out there pursuing something big. We see you, we hear you, and we’re always cheering you on. Keep going.

This article was written by our very own Megan Carter. Learn more about Megan here.

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