Not meant to be the energizer bunny

Not meant to be the energizer bunny 1

We all get to choose how we spend today. Even as an entrepreneur who has trouble turning off the ideas and work, I have to remember that I’m not meant to be the energizer bunny who can go-go-go every day without pausing to recharge.

Like other seasons in the past, this year I committed to set aside ‘typical’ weekends all year long. This means I’m not working on client projects or catching up on work, but rather intentionally twittling around the house working on personal projects, housewifing, nesting for baby, quality timing with F&F, studying and writing and resting.

It’s come in as a purposeful endeavor that has prepared me to slow down and be ready to be “all in” for new mom and family life at home.

Remember, you are not meant to be the energizer bunny either. No human is made to overwork and what I’ve just learned is that studies show that ‘burnout’ is not something you can recover from. In fact, preventing burnout is vital if you desire and even need to continue doing what you’re currently doing. Because if you’ve hit burnout mode it’s too late and the best remedy is shifting your focus of work completely, for at least three years, before you can consider returning to life as you previously knew it.

Let that sink in a while, then think… How can you shift now so that you don’t reach the end of your battery life? Maybe your weekends need to be sacred, too?


  1. Margie Waltz on June 3, 2022 at 10:20 am

    The nursery is beautiful Jamie! Good reminders on being intentional about taking time for oneself before the burnout happens! So excited for your new life of mom and family life ahead!

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