On the Right Path

On the right path 6:4:21

Life has a way of pointing us in different directions. Our job is to discern if the path being offered up to us is the right path or we need to shift our course. Over the years I’ve used my discernment muscle and been wrong. That is when I sit, reflect, and realize where the misstep may have happened so I can learn and do better next time. But every time we work a muscle it gets stronger and more and more nowadays I know I’m on the right path…

What does it look like for you to be on the right path? Do you know? Have you used that discernment or intuition muscle, checked-in and given yourself an honest assessment recently? Or are you on autopilot, grinding, head down, or in the sky?

For me, being on the right path means experiencing confirmations in the form of open or sometimes closed doors, relationships being forged or strengthened or sometimes lost, schedules fitting into place perfectly like puzzle pieces, or sudden opportunities and fun surprises greeting me when I least expect it.

Recently, that has happened a BUNCH of times. From work trips colliding with a close friend’s travels so we were able to meet up in a random city and have dinner together, to a Zoom call on Tuesday leading to a last minute meet-up before I got on the plane Saturday where the connection led to a new client signing the proposal.

Life is so short and time is precious, so being on the right path is important because when you are where you are supposed to be you feel fulfilled, grounded, energized, motivated, and grateful.

So, next time you wonder whether you are ‘supposed’ to do something, or you find yourself frustrated that something didn’t go the way you thought it should, check-in. Maybe it’s life offering you a different path that will guide you into the right lane – the lane you’re supposed to be in.

Jamie Teasdale

Jamie Teasdale founded Propel Businessworks, a small business development company, in 2009. Since then, she has been lending insight and creativity to businesses all over the U.S., giving them the tools they need to plan, promote, and prosper.

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