Truth or Dare? – Raising Your Expectations

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Remember playing truth or dare as kids? Everyone took turns going around the circle, choosing to share either a truth about themselves or, if you were really cool, taking on a dare that the group challenged you with. It was a moment of truth: whether or not you would actually do the dare.

Being an entrepreneur is kind of like playing truth or dare, except in the grown-up world. Every day, we are faced with challenges that cause our inner truths to come to light, and force us to stretch beyond our comfort zone and take daring risks to accomplish greater goals. It can be so easy to fall into routine and always play it safe, forgetting the daring spirit that inspired us to first launch our own business. So how do we regain that excitement that propels us forward?

Choose to play the game. Don’t just sit on the bench, watching others get in there and win. Get yourself and your business out there. Truly engage by proactively pursuing your goals and dreams. You can do it! This is what you love doing – now get out there, and go win some!

Have the right attitude. Choosing to be an entrepreneur who truly plays the game requires a bit of a devil-may-care attitude combined with a whole bucketful of optimism. Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring negative circumstances and pretending they aren’t there, but rather choosing to have a positive response and perspective on those negative things. Believe good things for your business! Don’t just focus on the negative.

Raise your expectations. Go big or go home! Growth happens when we can visualize expansion. Whether it’s for yourself personally, your business, or your associates, start to expect more. All of us are capable of more than we think we are. Believe the best, and begin to expect the best. It’s risky, but daring to raise our level of expectation is what fuels growth.

Without taking risks, we won’t reach our potential. Playing it safe has a place, but raising our expectations beyond where we are now will require us to step out on the tightrope and walk the fine line of risk and wisdom. So if no one else is there to say it, we’re here to tell you: You’ve got what it takes! You’ve come this far, don’t stop now! Take a calculated risk, do something a little crazy, raise your expectation of what you can accomplish, and watch your business thrive.

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