Who Are You Feeding?

Who are you feeding 2

Self-talk isn’t just something therapists tell you to get under control. As a business owner, it is a very real thing that has power to keep you going or cut you off at the knees. So, who are you feeding with your self-talk?

Doubt, criticism, and comparing your journey to someone else’s will never put wind in your sails, so stop the negative thought patterns and verbalizations. Don’t feed that beast, because giving him just one taste will put him hot on your heals for more and he’s a tough one to shake.

Instead, choose to remind yourself of your ability, creativity and ideas, business smarts, and passion. Speak life into yourself and your current situation then walk boldly ahead.

Whatever you feed will devour what you serve it and will generate energy behind it… like a snowball moving downhill.

Feed the thoughts and feelings and belief patterns that will give you wings and make you soar!

Jamie Teasdale

Jamie Teasdale founded Propel Businessworks, a small business development company, in 2009. Since then, she has been lending insight and creativity to businesses all over the U.S., giving them the tools they need to plan, promote, and prosper.

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