5 Powerful Photos that Tell Your Brand Story

Photography elicits a response, unlike any other storytelling medium. Visual assets tell a brand story without the need of language or prose. They bridge gaps where words fail, even bridging languages. Imagery expresses unique personalities while encouraging interaction.

Powerful photographs have powerful stories behind them. A brand story can serve many purposes, and utilizing the power of photography visually demonstrates the value of your brand. It enables your audience to understand your products through unique visual narratives.

Modern consumers want to connect with a brand that’s relatable or aspirational. Leveraging the expert knowledge of a professional photographer elevates the visual elements of your brand story. After all, photographs are the endless canvas with which brands can connect with their audience.

Photography in Dubai captures the glittering mosaic of the landscape. Photography is painting with light. It captures a moment in time and tells its story. With that in mind, here are the five most powerful photos that can make images part of your unique narrative.

how to use photos for branding

Photo via Brad Neathery and Unsplash


Brand storytelling is all about developing an emotional connection between your consumers and the brand. Lifestyle photography is about context. It produces visual content that conveys a desired lifestyle to the potential buyer.

Take the Marlboro Man, for example. One of the most iconic images of the 20th century, the Marlboro Man strikes a vivid image. The last vanguard of the American frontier, the Marlboro Man as a photograph was nothing more than a saddle and a splash of red. It evokes the mythical American cowboy. As a commercial icon, the Marlboro Man sparked conversation; he was at once both reviled and revered.

Human Connection

By focusing on the human element of your brand, your brand’s story becomes memorable. Burberry’s Art of the Trench resonates with the brand’s audience because it associates an emotion with the brand’s product. It builds brand attachment and loyalty.

Photography provides your brand a two-dimensional stand-in for a three-dimensional experience. Choosing visuals that resonate with your audience’s collective subconscious can have a powerful impact. Photography engages the senses in a way no other storytelling medium can.


Food has always been a focal point of stories. We share jovial discussions at the dinner table and catch up with friends over cups of coffee. Food is ever present in social gatherings and lunchtime chats. Food is social.

Food photography is soulful and genuine. It is beautiful in its simplicity. Food photography creates a compelling story, bringing a brand’s product to life in ways that text-based content can’t. Everyone knows what a Big Mac looks like without being told it’s a Big Mac. A unique skill of the top food photographers in Dubai, is to elevate your food narrative into a stunning visual conversation.

Leveraging the Color Palette

Few factors evoke as much of a response in photography than color. We all interpret color in different ways according to our individual experiences, cultural differences, and its context. Color can influence how your brand story is interpreted. Choosing the right color palette is as important as deciding what subject to photograph.

Colors are effective forms of communication. One study found that about 90% of an audience’s initial reaction to a brand’s product is based on color alone. Coca-Cola uses its color palette, a striking red tone with soft white, to promote its brand as a shareable narrative. Its “Taste the Feeling” campaign is eye-catching and promotes the drink as something to be shared among friends and family.

Behind the Scenes

Using behind the scenes visual content lifts the curtain on your brand and promotes deeper connections with your audience and its prospects. Offering a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors entices your customers to engage with your brand. It humanizes your company and communicates a story your audience wouldn’t otherwise hear.

London upmarket department store Fortnum & Mason leverages social media with behind the scene content of their products to create a personal connection with the customer. It’s programmatic advertising that tells the story behind their brand.

By integrating life experiences to your brand’s story, you create strong visual narratives that inspire the brand community.

To maximize the exposure of your photos and captivate your audience, it’s important to work with an experienced agency. Not only can they tell your brand story in a definitive manner, but their knowledge and expertise can also provide the look and feel your brand needs. Great brands rely on stories to define them. Leverage yours with the power of images.


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