Dive Fearlessly Into Social Media by Lisa Kroll

You want to put yourself “out there” to gain exposure for your business . . . and yet it just isn’t getting done. Whether it’s a blog, Facebook posts or updates on Twitter, you keep telling yourself, “You don’t have time” or asking yourself, “Is it really going to make a difference?”

Interestingly, what’s stopping you is not your ability. Rather, it’s what the idea or act of “putting yourself out there” brings up for you. It opens the floodgates to doubts and fears, and pushes you uniquely outside your comfort zone.

My intention is that you relate enough to some of these positive reminders, so that when you are resisting your name in lights, you can fearlessly step on stage.

Claim your unique voice
The way you interact, experience and make sense of the world is as unique as your fingerprint. Social media is an invitation for you to pay close attention to the juicy, rich tapestry of the playground you call your life, connect that to others, and offer it to the world in a way that only you can. Taking your experiences and relating, teaching, sharing and finding common ground with people can be magical and effortless. Start paying attention and be generous with your YOU-ness.

What you know is perfect
Do you stop yourself from sharing information because you don’t value what you know and assume that others won’t either? You start sentences with, “Who am I to. . .” or belittle yourself with comparisons. You know enough to bring value to people that will inevitably be drawn to you because they want what you are offering. Let go of being an expert and be generous with what you do know. Be where you are. It’s exactly where you are meant to be.

You can handle it
You are strong enough to handle the worst case scenario in your imagined social media mishap. The fear is far worse than what you will inevitably do to step up, show up, and learn from the experience. Run towards the challenges and give yourself the opportunity to prove to yourself, once again, that you are stronger and can handle much more than you give yourself credit for. Trust that whatever crosses your path, you will have what it takes to handle it with flying colors.

The positive POWER of “negative” comments
Celebrate when someone is taking the time to write a negative or challenging comment! You reached beyond your “comfort zone” audience and are now gaining exposure! You genuinely impacted someone to the point of engaging in the conversation. That “negative” comment is an opportunity for you to continue the dialogue, teach or provide unforgettable customer service. Welcome it.

People relate to perfectly imperfect.
Are you putting off committing to or consistently having a presence on social media until the time is right? Are you judging what you are contemplating putting out there? Due to the public nature of social media, you may feel the pressure of perfection. Is that pressure serving you? Social media is simply a way to start the conversation and engage with others. Start thinking in terms of authentic and “good enough” and you will see how people aren’t nearly as harsh of a critic as you are.

Begin where you are . . . then keep going
You compare yourself to some rock star out there that is doing what you want to do and making it look effortless. Do you have what they have? How do you get there? It’s so easy to forget humble beginnings. In this age of immediate gratification and overnight success, we forget that the rock star started out in a coffee shop playing their songs when the few patrons that were there weren’t even paying attention. They were where you are and they just kept going. We gain strength with practice and repetition. What will you start and relentlessly continue?

Most of what holds you back from accomplishing anything where your “talk” doesn’t match your “walk” boils down to three things. First, honestly answer what is important about that accomplishment, then accept and start where you are, and finally, look boldly at the personal roadblocks that stand in our way. Often these roadblocks are not the actions, but rather what gremlins the actions bring up. Work on those things and the world opens up.

Lisa Kroll is a Professional Coach that gets fired up working with entrepreneurs who are stepping up and making an impact through a process of self-discovery. To find out more about her unique methods to unearth the true you, check out archeologycoaching.com. If you’d like a free consultation with Lisa to discuss how she can make a difference to your bottom line email her at: lisa@lisakroll.com.

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