How to Choose the Best Social Media Tools for 2018

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Social media is more powerful today than ever before. As we head deeper into 2018 and the era of customer experience, people around the world are using their social channels not just to communicate with friends and family, but to learn about brands and make purchasing choices too.

While, in the beginning, social media platforms were simply a way for people to stay in touch, and share personal information with their network, they’ve quickly evolved into a tool that bridges the gap between companies and their customers. As the average audience member continues to avoid traditional advertising at all costs, social media could soon become one of the only ways for brands to reach their target market. In fact, social media currently delivers a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than any outbound marketing campaign.

Why Companies Need Social Media Marketing Tools

The trouble is, while most of today’s businesses know how important social media is to their growth, few understand how to use it to their advantage. There are so many different social platforms out there to choose from, with algorithms that change almost constantly, that it’s difficult to keep track of your newest promotional strategy.

That’s where social media marketing tools come in. These resources can help you to tap into the true potential of your social media presence, by:

  • Allowing you to track branded hashtags and competitor mentions
  • Giving you a way to analyse the performance of your campaigns
  • Ensuring you create a consistent presence with automated posts
  • Protecting your reputation by giving you a way to instantly respond to consumers
  • Managing cross-channel campaigns so you can reach a wider customer base
  • Helping you to engage with your clients and potential customers

Building Brand Loyalty with Social Media

With the right social media tools and profiles, you can access so much more than just another way to promote your products and share your brand messages. Around 53% of Americans say that they feel loyal to the companies they follow online. In an era where brand loyalty is in increasingly short supply, a social media strategy could be your way to differentiate.

Of course, the social media tools you need to use to get the most out of your strategies will vary depending on your specific goals, and your target audience. For instance, if you want to work on boosting engagement, then you’ll need a tool that keeps track of customer messages and allows you to analyse everything from likes and shares, to comments and retweets.

How to Find the Right Social Media Tools

Ultimately, no matter the reason for your social media marketing strategy, the right tools can help to reduce the complexity of your campaigns and give you more control over your outcomes. The only problem is, while approximately 97% of companies say that they’re currently using at least one social media profile, another 85% say that they don’t know which social tools they should be using.

The good news is that you can learn everything you need to know about the hottest tools on the social media market right now with one simple infographic. Check out this visual guide to the best social tools for 2018, and you’ll be boosting your social strategy in no time.

social media tools

social media tools

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