Look Back To Move Forward by Jennifer Powers

At the end of every year, most of us busy biz owners begin to look at what we hope to accomplish in the New Year. We set goals and budgets, make plans and promises to do better or more business than we did the year before. We thrive on searching for the areas that need tweaking. We may even flog ourselves a bit for the opportunities we missed, while pledging to get serious next year and really-make-things-happen.

That’s normal, isn’t it?


What if normal was to spend time at the end of the year reflecting back on what you accomplished in THIS year?
What if, instead of setting goals for next year you listed successes of this year?

What if, instead of starting with what you want to change about your biz in the New Year, you start with what you want to keep the same?

What if you honored that missed opportunity as a simple case of “The timing wasn’t right.”

Imagine seeing this past year as perfectly divine AND ripe with opportunity for growth.

Consider the possibility that by acknowledging your past successes you actually fuel future ones. By focusing on what is great, you are able to manifest more greatness.

Easy. Like pie.

So, what did you do this year that made it a screaming success? What deal did you close? What relationship did you build? Whose lives have you changed? What did you resist or say no to? What did you say yes to? Where did you venture? What breakthrough did you have? How did you step out of your comfort zone? What project did you START? Which did you COMPLETE? How was the timing perfect?

How far have you come?

How brilliant are you?

How will you celebrate?

You so deserve to celebrate.


Jennifer Powers is a professional coach, speaker and best-selling author of Oh, shift! and Oh, shift! for Teens. She is the founder of The Portland Powerhouse, a center for personal growth, which will launch in January 2013. For more info on Jennifer’s products and services, visit www.jenniferpowers.com or www.ohshift.com.



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