When The Divine Intervenes

Gratitude courses through my veins. It operates at the core of my existence. It is, I believe, why I am so thoroughly and unabashedly optimistic. If I have things to be grateful for, don’t I also have every reason to look on the bright side? 

Nearly five years graduated from college, I’ve come to recognize that the life and career I’ve come to know, love and appreciate is not entirely my own. Only in journeying through many moons of trial and error have I emerged more empowered, more inspired, and more ready than I’ve ever been: to strive for more and continue cultivating a life and career that gives rise to unimaginable joy, fulfills every corner of my soul, and makes me proud to call it my own. 

This autonomy is nothing short of an immense and unique privilege. And one that I truly do not take for granted. 

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New Beginnings

In January of 2018, I had recently returned from spending 6 months abroad in Australia and New Zealand. I secured a position for a company I had long sought after and hoped to work for one day. When that day came long before I had anticipated, I was elated. I still recall my happy dance after hanging up the phone with the person who was to be my manager. I thought to myself, “I’ve finally made it.” 

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What followed was a different story. After several months of what can only be described as mundane work, I was at a crossroads. My position no longer challenged me intellectually or creatively, and I knew that any kind of job security simply wasn’t enough for me to stay. 2 months in, I began to consider applying to other jobs. 4 months in, I began writing applications. Even in the midst of that process, I knew possibility was still an integral part of my narrative, my dreams still within reach.

It wasn’t long before this became reality. On a sunny day in September, I received a call and secured a position in copywriting and community management with a small team in a stylish and modernized building in Portland’s northwest sector. Things were happening fast, and I was excited. My career was budding at last. 

When I look back on this time period, a short but full 4 months, it still feels like some kind of dream: the undeniable allure of the company was enough to sell me, but not fool me. After all, shiny opportunities lose their shine eventually. 

Tough But Necessary Realizations

The months that followed were not only dizzying, but draining. Part of me still feels like I lost part of my soul during the busiest and most demanding time of my life. Frequent work trips, long hours at the office, and a workplace culture that ultimately did not align with my morals was enough to send me packing in December 2018. My mental and  physical health was deteriorating and it was due time for a change. 

And still, somewhere deep down, I sustained an unwavering hope that bigger and better things were on the horizon. 

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Hot Air Balloons

A dear friend once told me a story about hot air balloons. Each of us are like the balloons themselves, floating through the ether, day after day. God, with His strong and loving hand, looks out at each of us, intricately planning and executing the events of our lives, seeing everything in its totality and the role it plays in our fate. We often don’t understand the circumstances of our lives while they’re unfolding, simply because we don’t have the ability to see our individual timeline and how one thing will lead to another. All we know is how it’s impacting us today. 

It wasn’t until I understood how this applied to the context of my life and how I was making a living that I felt a passionate sense of security in God’s greater plan for my life. I officially began my freelance writing business in January 2019 and met some of the most generous people I’ve ever known. It is these people who would soon become my clients. I am grateful for them everyday. They’ve afforded me a quality of life and lifestyle that is both special and invaluable. 

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Hopeful Chapters

Today, a year into my freelance career, I work from home, often don’t change out of my pajamas, have close proximity to snacks, and can snuggle my cat. As long as my work gets done. It’s not glamorous, but it’s exactly what I want. It gives me the flexibility to see my friends and family, train to my heart’s content, and travel freely.

When I say my career is not mine, I am giving full credit to my Father in heaven. Not magic, but a work of the Divine. He’s had His hand in it all along.

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