Content Marketing Management

Managing business communication isn't hard, but it should be strategic and consistent...

Executing and overseeing your content marketing isn't rocket science, we know. But it certainly ends up being yet another task that has to be done, and it needs a strategy always best performed with commitment, dedication, and consistency. And a plan.

That's why our management services always start with communication planning. Once we've performed research and developed a strategy for your communication, we can implement and execute that plan with strategic efficiency, keeping your marketing focused and our services cost-effective and budget friendly.

Our team becomes your team.

  • Propel spends focused time on your business communication each and every day your plan outlines a need for execution.

  • Each service we provide on behalf of your business is managed by a dedicated team member who is hand-picked just for you and your company based on their strengths and experience.

  • Having a devoted team of experts at your side allows you to experience the confidence, reliability and consistency you're seeking in an outsourced marketing management team, without the expense of hiring another employee.

Propel's Content Management Services Include:

Blog Management

  • Ghost writing per your blog plan
  • Editing and polishing articles you've drafted
  • SEO install for each article
  • Formatting and publishing blog articles

E-Newsletter & Email Marketing Management

  • Development of regular e-newsletters per your e-news plan
  • Special announcements
  • Promotions via email to your subscribers and fans
  • Auto-Responder message development

How Can We Support Your Communication?

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