Small Businesses Up to 20 Employees

As a small business manager or owner you wear all, if not most of the hats. You are responsible for your team, product & services, operations, sales & marketing, & more.

Let us handle the marketing strategy for you!

As a small business owner or manager, we understand budgets are tight and your plate is full. There are one hundred tasks on each day’s to-do list and marketing strategy and management continues to get bumped down the list. Afterall, your business has been hanging in there without a dedicated marketing manager up until now, right?

But, you are beginning to realize you need help because your goal is to grow. You want sell more products and services that your current employees can produce and execute. You need a strategy to communicate better, more effectively and to increase awareness and exposure.

Do Any of These Statements
Sound Like You?

I'm responsible for my company's marketing efforts.

We realize that different people have different strengths and we don’t judge. That’s why we’re not an accounting firm, we specialize in our strength – digital marketing strategies. Ready to let someone else take on the marketing management responsibilities?

I have a physical location that needs more customers.

You realize you need heightened exposure to bring awareness to your product, service and through the doors. If you don’t have a solid plan for bringing customers in, we should talk about our strategy sessions and planning packages.

I wear all the hats & marketing hasn't been consistent.

You realize you need a higher level of focus for your marketing and know consistency is key, but YOU neither have the time nor clarity to do it all yourself. We believe strategic growth and consistency starts with a plan and we’ve got communication planning services you can take to the bank.

I need to find a marketing manager who knows their stuff.

We understand the desire to have a dedicated marketing person who manages the strategies. Once the planning phase is complete, management is another support service we can offer. Our team is educated and efficient, keeping your marketing current and cost-effective.

If you’re concerned about consistency, your own lack of time to execute, or that your marketing approach isn’t being implemented the way it should, consider Propel an affordable alternative to hiring a full-time staff member.

I want flexibility and results!

When you’re ready, we’re ready! We want nothing more than to be the trusted partner you call to become your dedicated outsourced marketing team.

And if you’re looking for flexible contracts and agreement options, we’ve got them. While we recommend committing to 6-12 months on an initial engagement strategy, once the first 6-month contract is over, we are happy to discuss the results of our efforts and decide on 3-month contract options moving forward. And, you are always free to cancel services with a 30-day written notice.

That said, our clients are so happy with the services we provide, we very rarely have cancelations outside of our contracted timeframes. Results are based on our ability to execute the plan we have developed for you using the investment you can make. Our goal is to increase your business so our services pay for themselves over time.

Give us a chance to prove the value of our work. You won’t regret that decision.

What's the first step?

The first step is an analysis of where you are, where you’ve been and what strategies we know will help propel you forward. So, let’s grab coffee or meet at our office or yours and get to know each other. The first conversation is always free and we can decide the next steps from there.

How do we decide what strategy to tackle first?

You may need a cohesive brand strategy, development of your #1 marketing asset – your website, collateral, advertising or campaign development, or simply a tactical digital marketing plan that you can execute on your own. We really won’t know until we talk.

And you know your business better than anyone. So, we’ll start with your goals and work through a type of strategic interview, prioritizing recommendations into phases.

That’s where we come in. As your outsourced marketing strategy team, we come alongside you without requiring the added expense and responsibility of hiring another W2 employee. And Propel pulls in the experts in many marketing areas, giving you the most well-rounded and capable team you won’t find in a single employee.

And, if you’re still not ready to hire a team to help, we have other options for you, like the services listed below.

Strategy Sessions by the Hour:

Planning Services You Can Execute:

Training for You or Your Staff:

Ready to find out how our team can help PROPEL your business?

All it takes is a conversation over a cup of coffee, Skype, or on-site at your location. The initial 30-minute interview is our treat.

Find out what makes Propel Businessworks the company for you and your business!

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