The whole story of...

Kevin & Jamie's Miracle Marriage

Kevin & Jamie Teasdale
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In 2004, Kevin started a job at the company Jamie was working at in Lake Oswego. When the HR director brought the new group of employees through to tour the company, Jamie's eyes landed on Kevin and her heart actually leapt. (No lie!)

A department holiday party shifted their focus toward each other, but because they were both pursuing other relationships, they remained faithful and only co-workers.

After revealing her own concern, the guy Jamie was seeing confirmed they were incompatible. Then, during a quick catch-up with another co-worker, Jamie revealed she and her date were no longer an item, at which point Kevin spun around in his chair, overhearing her words, asking, “You’re not seeing him anymore?”

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The rest of their story was intentional. Kevin happened to answer the main office number when Jamie called in saying she couldn’t get to work due to icy weather and he offered to come get her. They were a few of the only people who showed up for work that day and as a ‘thank you’ the company gave them gift cards to a local eatery.

Kevin suggested that because they were the ones who received gift cards, that they use the gift cards together. So, their first in-depth conversation was over lunch. Their second, dinner.

Discontinuing the mismatched relationship he had been in and knowing he wanted to see Jamie, Kevin reached out to Jamie’s father to get permission to date her. Their whirlwind courtship started then and in early 2005, while visiting Horning’s Hideout, Kevin got down on one knee and proposed.

On Saturday, May 21st, 2005, through drizzly and cold weather, surrounded by family, Kevin and Jamie vowed to love each other forever from the stage at Horning’s Hideout. The dinner reception was held at McMenamins Imbrie Hall and the following morning they flew off to Oahu for a week in Honolulu.

The first years were difficult, and even though they loved each other deeply, by 2012 they were tired and ready to give up. In July, they separated and Jamie moved in with her parents, placing all of her things in storage and continuing her solo counseling sessions.

After three months apart, Kevin asked Jamie to meet him for dinner. “I didn’t know what he wanted and I knew I couldn’t repeat what I had been saying to him for years one more time, but I could tell he was serious, so I met him.”

Divorce papers prepared and ready in the trunk, Jamie found Kevin tucked away in a corner of the Tanasbourne Stanford’s restaurant. He had asked to be seated away from the other tables being served so they had privacy.

“I sat across from him, mouth shut, just trying to listen,” Jamie recounts. “But something was different. I saw a softness and a desperation in his eyes.”

Kevin struggled to make conversation and finally asked, “What will it take?”

“What have I been saying for years? What have I been asking for?”

“You’ve asked me to see a counselor with you,” to which Jamie nodded without words. “Well, send me his contact Info again and I’ll get in touch with him,” Kevin continued.

Jamie shook her head, “No, Kevin. I’ve given you his contact information multiple times. If you’re serious about going to counseling and serious about us, you’ll find the info and take initiative.”

Later that evening, Jamie’s counselor text her saying that Kevin had reached out and that they had scheduled a session together for that Sunday afternoon. And Kevin went. For weeks, multiple times a week, Kevin drove his truck across town from Hillsboro to SE Portland, in rush hour traffic, to talk to the counselor.

After six months of dedicated and difficult, but rewarding work Kevin and Jamie found themselves dating and back in love, this time with a stronger foundation of faith, communication and conflict resolution skills, and the intentional ability to listen and see life from the other’s perspective.

"It was worth every rush hour drive from Hillsboro to 102nd and SE Stark, and every dollar spent on counseling, not to mention learning how to date again. I learned how to love Jamie the way she needs and the way God wants me to. I wouldn't trade it for anything."

In May of 2013, with a select group of friends and family present, Kevin and Jamie recommitted their home to love and togetherness, and Jamie moved back in.

Since that day, not every day has been perfect, but their marriage has grown into a true friendship and partnership that is unbreakable. They have shared their story with other couples who struggled and have encouraged them in their journeys.

“I used to say that had I known before we married what I learned in those early years of marriage, I might not have married him, but I’d do all those hard years all over again knowing I would have the best friend and husband that I have now. He’s the man I’ve always wanted and needed and I'm so grateful for God's grace and direction over our journey,” Jamie shares.

"I always said 'I got the good one', but he has become the best, only, forever one, and I'm so grateful!"