Meal Registry for Mama & Daddy Teasdale

Adelyn Grace Teasdale

is due June 16, 2022

We are so grateful for all the help we have been offered and that we know is coming. We know this time is precious and we receive your generous gifts and support with open arms.

We have been asked if a meal train is being organized...

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Instead of coordinating a traditional Meal Train sign-up, we have hired a personal chef to make us meals for the first few weeks after baby arrives. This will reduce the stress of coordinating allergies and preferences, timing and drop-offs, and will save time and money in gas expenses for our friends and family, not to mention reducing the risk of exposure to any foreign germs during those important first days baby is in the world.

We have already worked with our friend Brie who is catering each healthy and nutritious meal and menu item to our personal preferences and we are so grateful for her expertise, and the fact that she lives just minutes away from us!

We will have (8-12) meals delivered over (2-3) weeks with an average meal cost of $90.00. Each meal will feed (4), and some will be frozen while others are fresh, which means each meal will cover multiple days over each week! What a blessing!

If you would like to help with our Meal Registry, we would be so very grateful and any amount is greatly appreciated. To help, we are receiving money gifts for this specific purpose through Paypal or Venmo at the links below.

Your love for us and all your prayers for baby Adelyn do not go unappreciated or for granted. Thank you for praying this little gift into our family! We are over the moon and your gift of food will help sustain us in the first few weeks ahead!

Thanks, Gratitude & Love to you,
Kevin & Jamie

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