With life and work pulling in you multiple directions, it’s easy to lose track of things. Making to-do lists and task lists are awesome ways to keep everything straight. The old fashion pen to paper technique is still very affective however there are some great tools available to help keep you organized. Here are a few tips and tools you can use to keep your communication efforts and life on track:

Define and Redefine Your To-Do

Making to-do lists is not for everyone. Some people like keeping what they have to do bottled up in their heads. It might work for some people but the benefit of writing down what you have to do usual pays off. Start by making a rough draft of your to-do or task list. Read through it and cut out anything that doesn’t need to actually be there. Refining your to-do lists ensures that you are keeping pace with what you have to do while not overwhelming you with the minor details. Using categories and subcategories is an easy way to keep a detailed list without too much bulk!

Drop the Clutter and Archive

When working within any field its easy to get overwhelmed with current projects. An easy way to stay focused on the tasks at hand is to make sure you de-clutter your work environment and archive old projects. Your user interface can easily get covered with old documents or excel files, keep folders for each project or client handy to ensure that you are staying organized but not hording unnecessary content. Having a clean workspace will keep you on task and focused.

Keep your tasks Reasonable and Feasible

There is nothing worse than biting off more than you can chew. This results in poor work on your part and disappointed clients. Breaking down your tasks into smaller chunks can reduce your stress and ensure that you don’t miss any details. Give yourself deadlines for tasks and make note of when you finish something. This will ensure that both you and your client are satisfied with the work produced. Don’t forget to celebrate small wins!

Embrace Apps, they are your Friends!

To keep yourself on task and organized, here are a few helpful applications we love:


  • Online and application platform that allows you to easily separate tasks and lists.
  • Some cool features include board sharing with others, email reminders and multilevel list making capabilities.
  • Reminders pop-up in push notifications and due dates are highlighted when the task is close to due date.


  • This application is a great way to jot down ideas and keep a running list of things you have to-do,
  • The platform is user friendly and can easily export into word doc format. This is especially useful if you are working on communication efforts such as blogs, social media and    newsletters.
  • You can create texts, reminders and lists all in one user-friendly place.

          Google Calendar

  • Google has always been at the user-friendly forefront and their calendar alerts are no exception.
  • This application operates online using your gmail account so that you can stay informed of your to-dos where ever you go.
  • You can create message alerts and push notifications on your smartphone or tablet as well.

Whether you like to stay classic with a notepad or high-tech with one of these apps, staying organized can help keep your business and communication efforts thriving. For more organizational tips for your business or communication plan, check out these sources:

Lifehacker – Simplify Your To-Do List

Fast Company – Make your To-Do List more Effective!


(Content image credit: DallisonLee.com)

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