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5 Ideas Your Business Can Use For E-newsletters

Image courtesy of Pixabay and kropekk_pl

Image courtesy of Pixabay and kropekk_pl

Having an E-newsletter is an effective way to reach your audience. Keep your readers up to date on all of your company’s news and announcements. But are you having trouble putting content into your E-newsletter? Here are 5 ideas your business can use for your e-newsletter whether you’re just starting our or looking to improve one you’ve already been sending:

1. Resources

Your E-newsletter is a great place to share relevant resources to your company’s brand and target market. If you want people to come to you for information, take the best resources you’ve found or published recently and add them to your E-newsletter. This also shows your audience you are keeping up to date with what is happening in your industry.

2. Design Tips

Find a layout that works for your brand and stick to it. If you want to use your brand colors, include your logo, or use a specific type of font or design, make sure that it is engaging. Don’t choose a font color that isn’t easily readable for all ages. Make sure that your typography doesn’t include a font that is overly distracting or too whimsy. Don’t be afraid to show your style – but make sure that you are upholding your values and that you are representing your company in a way that you are proud of!

3. Subject Line Suggestions

When you check your email, what is the first thing you see? You see who the email is from and you read the subject line. The subject line is arguably the make-or-break element of your E-newsletter. Keep in mind that if your subject line sounds dull – no one is going to open the email to read it (e.g. discounts, spam, offers, or dull subject lines). Have fun with it! Ask an engaging question that people have to open the email to read about; use a pun and use your words in order to grab your audience’s attention.

4. Upcoming Events & Updates

Your E-newsletter keeps your readers up to date with your company’s latest news. If you have an event, put it in your E-newsletter ahead of time so that people have time to plan ahead and mark it on their calendars. Have a new product? This is the perfect time to share the release of a new service! Share the new product and link it to your company’s website. Not only will this inform your audience of your new service, but it also drives traffic to your company website.

5. Product Descriptions

Are you known for a specific service and feel as though some of your other services go unnoticed? An E-newsletter is a great place to write about services you offer that need more attention. Focus on a product or service that hasn’t been selling as much.

Following these guidelines, your E-newsletter should have a fresh look, informative feel, and the highest potential to increase your current open-rates. Best of luck with your irresistible new E-newsletter!


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