As a result of ongoing research into content strategy since 2009, Plan Promote Prosper products and services are tailored to small businesses who seek to remain strategic, on target and efficient in their communications and online presence.

Our Mission

To provide strategic, white-labeled planning products to businesses aiming to improve their clients’ marketing efforts.

Simply - we help grow businesses who support other businesses through content marketing.

Our Work

We provide 12-Month Blog, E-Newsletter and Social Media Communication Plans, as well as Website Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Online Presence Evaluation, and Market Reports to companies who work in the SEO, marketing, copywriting, virtual assistance, public relations, and communication management industries, to name a few.

In this way, we add value to a company’s service list enabling them to easily support their clients with a diverse and more holistic service set. We call these companies our resellers and partners!

Interested in finding out more? The first step is understanding Our Products!

"We’re here for one purpose – to see you and your clients succeed in blog, e-news and social media communication efforts.”

Our Founder

Jamie Teasdale has been a small business owner since 2009 and is passionate about helping small businesses communicate effectively! She launched Propel Businessworks in 2009 and found a need in the industry. As our founder and lead strategist, Jamie’s approach targets businesses who know they need a communication plan, yet also understand they should leave their content marketing strategy to professionals.

With Plan Promote Prosper, the planning services we offer become available to all who need them, through our resellers - copywriters, social media managers, advertising professionals, website developers, email marketing providers, and more.

An avid Portland, Oregon fan, Jamie is a native of the beautiful city. When not working with her team or on her businesses, Jamie enjoys painting, traveling, and spending time with her husband, dog, beautiful nieces, friends, and family members.