Welcoming Niteo Tours: A Look At A New Startup

Love to travel? Enjoy learning about and experiencing global cultures?

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With their own love for and long experience with traveling, John and Amy Haley paired with Kjell and Carol Garborg to form Niteo Tours. Combined, the four have traveled to 56 different countries across 5 continents. Now, they want you to explore, encounter, and embrace the natural beauty and cultures of global communities they have experienced.

Niteo Team

Carol & Kjell Garborg and Amy & John Haley

Their mission: “We aim to give our guests a top-quality vacation and at the same time partner with global Christian businesses, tour guides, and ministries who are making a difference in people’s lives. In this way, vacation dollars are invested locally in the areas where Niteo Tours brings each guest.”

Everyone loves to take some time away from work and the typical everyday life. As tourism continues to grow, developing countries are benefiting from tourism spending. Niteo Tours recognized the effects tourism had on the social and economic progress of these countries and had the idea:

“Why not give people a first-class travel experience at a reasonable price and at the same time give travelers the privilege and opportunity of knowing their vacation dollars will support Christian work in the countries they are visiting?”

With Niteo, you have the unique experience of traveling with intimate, small groups to experience the culture and beauty of each country you visit. Instead of traveling to a large tourist destination such as a well-known olive grove, travelers get to enjoy a small, family-owned grove and are welcomed into the family’s home.

A small business itself, Niteo embraces the intimate nature of other, local small businesses. When traveling with Niteo Tours, avoid crowds and, instead, explore local hidden spots as they base tours are based off of connections and relationships rather than visiting destination hotspots.

For more information on Niteo Tours and to book your next vacation, visit http://niteotours.com/.

Niteo Tours Website

We had the delight of working with Kjell and Carol of Niteo Tours and helped them brand their company and develop their website, while consulting on their startup along the way. Although Kjell and Carol live in Minnesota, we provided our services remotely via Skype, phone, and email communication.

Know that when traveling with Niteo, you are sure to have a life changing time. We can’t wait to watch you grow!



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