Communication Inspiration: March 2019 Social Round-Up

This is a collection of all images and captions from PropelBizWorks’ Instagram in the month of March. Below, you’ll find all posts that discuss an all-important theme: communication.

I hope you find some motivation and encouragement below in how to lead your best communicative life. I invite you to leave a comment below and check out my Instagram page in full by clicking this link:


3.1.19 This week’s snow ‘storms’ were just enough to stop the city. And while it did disrupt appointments and meetings, it never stops the piles of work.
Yep, it was pretty, but the week was tough nonetheless. I came down with a bug and have been miserable dealing with it. What that taught me, yet again, is we all need days off to rest and recharge or our bodies weaken. [see the full post here]

3.2.19 I’m off. I turned on my out of office as a precaution this weekend. Why? Because I need to disconnect and recharge.
1) It communicates automatically on my behalf to let emailers know I’m not around and I’ll get back with them Monday. [see the full post here]

3.4.19 When people start caring for one another the world will start healing. There is a lot of brokenness out there. Everyone is fighting a battle you have no idea about. So, be slow to speak, kind with your words, and always let love drive your communication. And don’t be surprised when your healing comes, too. [see the full post here]

3.5.19 We’re puttin’ up a mighty fight already this week, & conversation after conversation is keeping the energy and momentum going. We’re finishing and delivering projects, launching new campaigns and onboarding clients, not to mention gearing up for new projects all while training new team members. And thank God for that last point, too! [see the full post here]

3.6.19 In the last few months I’ve struggled a few times with contractors and team members not communicating. It leaves so many questions, concerns, even frustrations just hanging out there when I have no idea what is going on, what to expect, how to explain any delays to my clients, or how to set expectations.
When I choose to work with someone, it’s only after we have connected well, communicated well, share similar values, and have built a solid foundation of expectations. [see the full post here]

3.7.19 Burning the midnight oil multiple nights in a row is sometimes necessary. But while life has been non-stop for weeks, clarity and recharging only comes when we close communications down and take a break. Tonight, I’m done ‘early’ and will hit the pillow at 9:30pm. I might be approaching 39, but I don’t care. Don’t judge a woman in need of quality time with her eyelids!! [see the full post here]

3.12.19 It got real today… & I mean layers of real. All the screens, all the inboxes, & all the communication channels got a thorough & typical Monday workout.
🔸I also sent an email to clients & team members informing them of my out-of-office status from 3/19-3/25 for #smmw19. Talk about setting communication expectations & limitations. [see the full post here]

3.12.19 Saying you will do something is only as good as your follow through, so be careful not to overextend your commitments. Instead, under-promise and over-deliver and you will be the winner every time. [see the full post here]

3.13.19 Some days talking should be paused, especially when technology decides to flunk out – everywhere you turn! It started with my iMac, quickly spread to logins, inboxes missing emails, the iPhone decided to restart while I was on a call (no kidding), and top if all off with the global Facebook & Instagram outage when multiple client reached out wondering if we had done something to their pages. What a joke – on so. many. levels. [see the full post here]

3.15.19 Email vacation responders will save your sanity and provide space for you to take time off, enjoy a weekend, travel, or just simply grant you more time to respond if your workload is piling up and you know it’ll take longer to get back. Setting an expectation of when someone will hear back from you relieves whatever expectation they have and simultaneously takes a weight off your shoulders until the announced response time arrives. Magic. [see the full post here]

3.19.19 You have the unique ability to set a precedent and provide a reliable customer experience. If your customer knows what to expect when interacting with your business and you make sure they enjoy their experience every time, they are likely to come back, and tell others about you! [see full post here]

3.21.19 We begin learning how to communicate the moment we’re born. Crying turns into words, and graduates to expressing our viewpoint, thoughts, questions, opinions, requests, and feelings.
Effectively expressed or not, communication can be used as a tool and today it’s used in much more than just face-to-face conversations, emails, letters, or phone calls. [see the full post here]

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