Why DIY Marketing Is Not Good for Your Business

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, saving money is always on your mind! One department that tends to be unjustly cut from your budget is marketing. You might think you can handle it yourself, how hard could it really be? At first you even will probably save some money marketing your business on your own. However, the short-term savings can easily turn into long-term headaches.

Deciding not to outsource or use an expert for your marketing efforts can lead to reduced success and hurt your business in the long run. You are the expert in your industry and would never recommend using anything less to your clients, then why not consult experts about marketing? Here are a few reasons that DIY marketing is not good for your business:

Training and Education is Really Important!

Image courtesy of Pixabay and jarmoluk

Image courtesy of Pixabay and jarmoluk

Your chosen field requires extensive training and education, so does marketing. How-to books can only get you so far and leave out vital information. If you were a contractor, you wouldn’t advise your clients to frame their own home without guidance. Marketing experts are trained professionals that know the ins and outs of marketing, whether for big business or small business! Education is extremely important in any field, so don’t undermine the help marketing experts can give your business!

Being Objective is Difficult!

Any business owner believes that their business is the best and everyone should agree! The nature of consumer behavior is more finicky than that though. Marketing experts understand how to be objective about your small business and look at marketing tactics from different perspectives. Having an objective adviser can help take your marketing efforts and business to the next level.

There is No Formula! (…We wish!)

Getting back to the how-to books, they love to streamline things and make marketing seem like a piece of cake. In actuality it is an orchestra of analytic analysis, consumer behavior analysis, brand building, promotion efforts and more. There is no magical formula that allows X + Y +Z to equal marketing success because no two businesses or industries are the same. However, thankfully, marketing experts know how to build a specialized marketing plan for your small business!

Don’t Undermine Talent!

Marketing requires specialized talent in promotion, content, strategy and so on. Different marketers specialize in different aspects of marketing. Advertisers know how to make copy and images come together while content marketers build online communication plans. No matter the field or focus, talent is important. Marketing experts are the talented few within their industry, don’t undermine them!

It Doesn’t Save You Money in the Long Run!

Image courtesy of Pixabay and stevepb

Image courtesy of Pixabay and stevepb

In most fields, using experts saves you time and money in the long run and marketing is no exception! Initially managing marketing in-house may appear to save you money; unfortunately the long-term repercussions are actually quite the opposite. In-house marketing in the long-term can cost you revenue and potential customers; along with your time and energy. As a small business saving money is important, but so is generating it! Using marketing professionals will help grow your business faster and let you focus on other aspects of your business.


Bottom-line, unless you have a background in marketing, you should get counsel and direction from an expert! It’s okay that you do not know the right marketing channels or tools for your business, because we do! Marketing experts like us at Propel Businessworks are here to help your small business succeed. We want you to have the best marketing possible! Reach out to us or check out our product offerings, we would love to share our knowledge and take your business to the next level!



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