Image courtesy of Pixabay and Nemo

Image courtesy of Pixabay and Nemo

Blogs are more than just a way to share information you have learned. They play a big role in brand communication, as well. What you blog must be consistent with what you want your brand to represent. The content you decide to publish on your blog says a lot about your company. You don’t want your readers to be confused about what your business offers, nor do you want your readers to question your content.

When trying to decipher what to publish on your blog, consider how you have defined your company and what you have to offer your consumers. You know your brand better than anyone else. You have defined your brand and its values. This is the content your readers want to see in your blog posts. The content you publish should be relative to your brand. Why post a blog about food recipes when you’re an athletic shoe store? Before posting a blog, ask yourself these questions:

1)     Would my consumers value this information as it pertains to my brand?

2)     Does the content of this blog relate to my brand?

3)     Does this blog align with my company’s values?

4)     Would publishing this blog damage my brand’s name?

Another thing to keep in mind, blog posts are not limited to be shared solely on your company’s website. The articles you publish can then be posted on your social media platforms and pushed to your readers through e-newsletters. By posting your blogs in more than just one area, you are increasing your visibility and, hopefully, engagement with your consumers. If the content is reflective of your brand, consumers will consistently check your social media platforms to find the information they are looking for.

Blogging can be fun! But, blogging is a serious aspect of your brand’s communication efforts so should be taken seriously. If you have any questions about what to blog or blogging in general, feel free to ask us!



  1. Julie Graff on December 3, 2016 at 2:12 am

    Very useful content Jamie Teasdale. Brand is most important for the business and online business. I fully agree with you. good job.

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