4 Reasons You Should Call A Photographer Today

Headshots are an often-overlooked necessity by many business people. A headshot is needed now more than ever with such a large social media dominance and online presence by all businesses. Because many of our introductions and business relations are done virtually, it is crucial to have a professional headshot that makes a good first impression on your consumers and cliental; after all, your headshot could be your first and, hopefully not, last impression!

When do you know it is time for a new headshot?

  • Has your hair changed?
  • Has something about your appearance changed that makes you look drastically different?
  • Is your headshot from when you first started in business?
  • Did a friend or family member take your headshot because you were in a hurry?
  • Does the image appear dark or blurry?

    Image courtesy of Pixabay and Markgraf-Ave

    Image courtesy of Pixabay and Markgraf-Ave

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to set up an appointment for a new headshot! As a rule of thumb, your business headshot should be updated every 2-3 years. As time goes on, we change and, therefore, so should our headshots. 4 reasons you should call a photographer today to have a new headshot taken:

1)     A picture is worth 1,000 words:

Although there is an additional cost of having a professional take your headshot photo, remember that more people today than ever before see your headshot. Social media gives consumers access to you and your website more regularly. You have the ability to show your consumers what you are all about in your headshot.

2)     Brand awareness:

If your picture is outdated, it may be difficult for your consumers and cliental to identify you with your brand. You may have made some drastic changes to your appearance in the last few years and your headshot doesn’t portray those differences. If you want to be recognized and approached by former and potential clients, they must be able to identify you. This is where a headshot comes in!

3)     First impression:

It’s been said over and over again, but it cannot be emphasized enough. Think about the days of interviewing. You, most likely, took the additional time to make sure your hair (and makeup) was done, you put on your best business attire, and when you walked into that interview… you had a smile on your face and were ready to conduct business. This should be the mindset you have about your headshot!

4)     Your headshot is everywhere in business:

Take a few minutes to think of all the places a headshot is needed and seen in business:

  • Company website
  • LinkedIn
  • Business Facebook account
    Business Twitter Account
  • Business cards
  • Google, Bing, or other search engines
  • Portfolios
  • News/Blog features

If you have never taken a professional headshot, haven’t taken an updated headshot in 2-3 years, or your appearance has drastically changed… consider calling and making an appointment with a photographer today. Be taken seriously as a business leader. Update your headshot on all platforms.



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