Locking On Your Target

Image courtesy of Pixabay and Hebi65

Image courtesy of Pixabay and Hebi65

Being in business is all about the people you serve. Arguably, your client truly can be considered the most important aspect of your business; without them, there is no lifeline. You’re just spinning wheels without traction.

Who are your clients? Better yet, who are your best clients? We’re not just talking about their names… think about their characteristics and personalities. Defining your ideal client is an important step in growing your business. And while profiling your client base can be a science, here are a few thoughts to help you get started:

1.Look within.

Knowing who you are helps define your business personality. Albeit cliché, you are unique and there is no one else on earth quite like you. You do things in a way only you can. So no matter how much competition you have, no one else is going to do business the same way you will.

Don’t be afraid to let your true colors show through in your business. We are most successful when we allow ourselves to be who we were born to be. And although we all have weaknesses, when we allow our strengths and passions to drive what we do we make it easy to establish and evaluate our true business personality. This, in turn, allows us to effectively relate to certain and/or many types of clients.

2.Look around you.

Take a brief look at your clients and your network. How many of those people are similar to you, with like-minded passions and missions, no matter of their particular business? Who do you work best with? Who do you enjoy working with the most and why? Your ideal client may be someone a lot like you. Of course, we also do business with people very, very different from us as well – which is very rewarding. Analyzing the differences will give you perspective on how and who you should be targeting.

3.Look at the common denominators between the two.

If we were to draw a example diagram and we displayed you as a circle, and the characteristics of the people around you as another circle, then your ideal client will be where those two circles overlap. Identifying what those common characteristics are will help you reach more people more effectively. It can also help you know where you could expand or grow. If your clients are all similar, then maybe there’s an opportunity to develop a new service or product in order to serve a wider, less defined clientele.

We encourage you to take some time in this first quarter to gain a truer understanding of the people you call clients and the clients you have yet to reach. Clearly defining your ideal client will give you perspective while also equipping you to intentionally reach out to your target and meet their needs better than before.

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