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Image courtesy of Pixabay and stevepb

Image courtesy of Pixabay and stevepb

“Media” has become a word we may never fully wrap our minds around, most likely because it is ever-changing. The history of communication relates a relatively quick evolution… and it’s hasn’t slowed down a bit.

White paper and newspaper circulation gave businesses their first opportunity to reach the masses long ago, but the world quickly evolved and exposure expanded by radio in the 1920’s then television in the late 1940’s.

Only as of the 1980’s did marketing turn into a computer generated action with websites branding our businesses, online press attentions and now, social media.

This ever-changing ability to market your business means a lot… and should not be ignored.
Here are a few pointers we’d like to remind you of while you consider your marketing and advertising approach:

1.Consider your voice, then plan. The opportunity to connect and get the word out about your business is vast. Your brand language and target should be specific enough that media attentions can be focused and easy to decide on. Whether you need printed paper space, online ads, press releases through various resources, or Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn presence depends on your strategic plan. Your target audience may only be in a few of these places, or they may be elsewhere. Determine where your voice needs to be heard and take it step by step, analyzing response as you go.

2.Many options offer attention. Between building your own blog, actively pursuing social personal and business profiles, promoting through press submissions, strengthening promotional relationships, and posting and participating in other sites on a regular basis, media outlets offer sharing opportunities that can get your brand noticed. Persistently providing business information validates and identifies your brand with sources who can get the word out for you.

3.Don’t forget to participate. There is an inconceivable amount of places to share your knowledge and offer your expertise. With so many chances, we offer this suggestion… Plan to participate in multiple locations on a consistent basis. Don’t count on your target finding you in only one location. Be sure you are engaging audiences on various platforms.

4.Manage your brand. Just because you don’t have a profile, doesn’t mean you’re not receiving feedback. Be sure that you are Googling your name and your business name on a frequent basis. And schedule regular inspections of the online rating review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and Yellow Pages. Be sure your brand reputation is intact and you are addressing any negative or inconsistent reviews, as they occur, in order to prevent continual negative brand image.

As one of our Facebook followers noted: “more than ever, there is a need for diversified portfolio of advertising mediums.” We couldn’t agree more Jared. Now is the time to be aware of additional opportunities and locations for exposure and to utilize them where appropriate… and don’t forget to be consistent!



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