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Why it’s important to have good business signs

Image courtesy of PIxabay and FirmBee

Image courtesy of Pixabay and FirmBee

First impressions are really important. Like they say, you never have a second chance to make a first impression. As true as this is on a personal level, it’s perhaps even more true for businesses. Often, the way your market and advertise your company is the first way you make an impression on potential customers. Rarely does this impression involve you as a person – it’s usually something visual like a sign, a website, a Facebook page, or a brochure that establishes your reputation. A lot of factors go into this presentation, including your logo, branding, collateral, and website. One area of visual marketing you can’t afford to ignore is the business signs for your company.

Just because you don’t have a physical location doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about signage! What your business sign looks like will be different for each company depending on industry and target market. Here are 4 types of business signs you should take into account as you develop your visual marketing strategy:

  1. Physical sign. For brick-and-mortar businesses, a physical sign is a must! Start simple by making sure your sign matches your logo and branding in design, font choice, and colors. The second most important rule to remember is keeping your sign simple. You want it to be easy to read, and easy to pick out from amidst the myriad of other signs passersby are glancing at. As for what materials to use for your sign, you have a number of options. A reliable expert can help you determine what would work best for your business. Resource: This article gives sound advice on designing your sign.
  2. Banners. Many business owners will, at one point, find themselves presented with an opportunity to promote their business at an event. Sometimes it’s as simple as a table at a local networking group, other times it’s a more elaborate booth at a tradeshow. Either way, having a good display including a banner will help set you up for success. Design your banner with your audience in mind: make sure it will appeal to the type of customer you hope to attract. Again, simple is the best way to go. Streamline your messaging to be a concise as possible on your banner. Another tip? Place the most important information at the top of your banner. Resource: This slideshow gives 5 ways to design a killer banner.
  3. Vehicle graphics and wraps. For some businesses, especially those without a physical location, adding graphics to your car can be a good way to increase business exposure. While this approach isn’t for everyone, it can be a winning strategy. Take this into account: a graphic on your car will earn you between 30,000-70,000 impressions per day depending on where you live. Whether you opt for simple window decals or a full vinyl wrap to cover the body of your vehicle, remember the #1 rule: keep it simple! Avoid obnoxious colors (while this can get attention, it typically comes off as unprofessional) and photos or graphics that aren’t professional and could be considered offensive. Add a clear call to action including how to get a hold of you. Resource: Great ideas about what to include in your graphic.
  4. Online “sign.” With so much of the world’s communication and interaction happening online, businesses need to have a solid online presentation. You should always start with a good logo, and use it consistently to brand your company’s website, social media sites, and email communications. Resource: Learn more about how Propel can help your business communication strategy.

What success have you had with business signs? What strategies have you used in the past, and what are some you plan on implementing in the future?

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