What’s in a QR Code? [Pt 1 – Why]

Technology constantly presents us with exciting new marketing tools. As a business growth and development company, Propel researches the latest ideas to help you find tools truly worth implementing. Recently, we have seen one aspect of technology, QR codes, emerging with great potential.

QR (“Quick Reader”) codes are the black-and-white squares resembling checker boxes that you see adorning an increasing number of products, buildings and signs, etc… QR codes work like regular barcodes, except they can store much more information.

Originally developed for the auto industry in the early 1990’s, in the last several years, the business world at-large has been utilizing QR codes as a new mechanism for marketing and advertising. The growing popularity of smart phones is what fueled the effectiveness of this strategy with one recent statistic showing 45% of Americans now have a smart phone.

To further validate, another statistic states that QR codes increased in popularity with users by 4589% from early 2010 to early 2011. This explains why 11 out of 50 Fortune companies are using them as part of their marketing strategy today.

With marketing being a foundational aspect of business growth, finding new ways to reach more people with your message is paramount. Other forms of marketing you may currently utilize reach a certain group of people. Propel has found that QR codes give you a voice in another audience: the mobile world.

One important detail to all marketing is tracking the success of your efforts. With QR codes, there are simple ways to do this. If you are linking to a webpage, use a site like bitly.com to shorten the link and track the number of scans that led people to the page.

Each business is unique, as are your customers; don’t create a QR code just for the sake of having one. Put strategy behind it so it can be an effective, marketing tool. Think about your target audience and what your end goal is, letting that dictate your approach.

All of this said, the QR Code tool has officially earned our Propel “Plan-Promote-Prosper” seal of approval.  Now, get your idea generators cookin’ and get strategic!

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