What’s in a QR Code? [Pt 2 – How]

The best part about QR codes is how easy it is to create them. Several online websites will generate your QR code for free (list provided below). Effectively using your QR code can be the greater challenge.

Propel’s best suggestion is to be creative! Sure, you can simply link to a website or blog (if you do, make sure it’s a mobile-optimized site!), but people usually expect more from your code. Most hope to receive specific information or a special offer when they scan. Here is a list of uses to get you started:

  • Provide Resources. Link to a page containing more information about the product you put your code on. You could also link to a page of product reviews or simply, your business card.
  • Connect Paper with the Internet. If you use mailers, brochures, business cards, flyers, or other forms of paper marketing, putting a QR code on them, drives your audience to your brand online.
  • Insider Information. Give interesting history, facts, or details about your product, services, or business.
  • Registration. Give customers the ability to register their new purchase quickly by using a QR code.
  • Social Media. Use the code to link to your social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Interactive Campaigns. One company did a nation-wide scavenger hunt using QR codes as the clues. You don’t have to be that elaborate, but enjoy thinking outside the box.

Once you have developed your strategy and know how you want to use your QR Code and where it’s going to send visitors, you’re ready to generate your code…

  1. copy the URL link you want to send visitors to
  2. visit one of the QR Code Generator sites (see a few suggestions below)
  3. if using the code on a website – copy the HTML code and place in the appropriate location on your website;  if using the code on printed material or documents – right click the QR Code, and choose “Save Image As” to save the box as an image on your computer
  4. start promoting!

As promised, here are a few QR Code Generator suggestions:

  • www.generateqr.com (can link to website, email, twitter, or text or can create a code that when scanned will immediately add them as your friend on Facebook)
  • http://qrcode.kaywa.com (can link to a URL, phone number, text, sms)
  • www.orangeqr.com (creates all the same as above, but also provides tracking of scans for as little as $8.99/mo)
  • www.beqrious.com (does all the basics, plus social media, AND the ability to do upload an image or map)

Now that you have your code, you need to be able to read it, right?  QR Code readers can be found as an app on just about every mobile smart phone available!  Just search your app store, review your available app ratings for quality, download and start scanning!

And one last note: We suggest testing your QR Code prior to posting or printing. Be sure the readers can capture your code effectively and that they are pointing to the right location.  Then track your success by monitoring your site’s analytics.

The first rule of thumb is there are no rules.  Get creative, think outside the box, share this tool with others and have fun!

Now, go forth and code!

Follow this QR Code to reach Part 1 in this discussion… the “Why” behind the “How”.

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A talented writer and strategist, Sarah is passionate about connecting people with their unique creative voice so their message can find authentic and powerful expression.


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