10 Ideas to Create Conversation on Social Media


Photo by Kenan Buhic on Unsplash

The number of social media posts we see on a daily basis is astounding. From businesses to individuals, the content reaching us through social media varies from entertaining to easily ignored. Individuals seek engagement and a relationship with the brands that they care for. From a simple acknowledgement of a specific user, to asking a question, to contests… social media can be an effective way to create conversation with your consumers.

So how can you as a company engage in conversation with your consumers in a unique way that will encourage them to communicate with you? We have identified 10 ideas to create conversation on social media:

1) Acknowledge new followers: Use their @Username or mention them in a Facebook post. Everyone loves to be recognized and engaging with new followers shows that your company cares for their consumers.

2) Create contests: No one turns down a free something from a business! This could be offering a service for free or a prize that everyone is after. Encourage followers to participate in the contest and you will see conversation start.

3) Ask a question: Many businesses are afraid to ask questions because of the answers they may receive or the lack of response. Asking questions is an easy and effective way to encourage your followers to communicate. Which leads us to….

4) Monitor your brand engagement: Know what is being said about your business and by whom. You have the opportunity to respond to all your users, provide clarification, and create a true conversation. It goes both ways after all!

5) Post consistently: You cannot neglect your social media websites. You must be pushing new content out to your consumers regularly in order for conversation to start. If you neglect your social media pages, you could miss out on opportunities for growth in your consumer base.

6) Retweet or share: Consumers love to know that the businesses they care for and follow are reading what they have to say, as well. If it is relevant to your brand, retweet or share their posts. It may start a conversation with just that individual or others could be interested in the topic of conversation and join in.

7) Positivity, sincerity, and friendliness: We have all seen individuals and companies whose content seems harsh or negative and the way they engage with their followers seems unfriendly. Make sure that when responding to your followers or posting original content, your brand voice is consistent with your company’s ideals. Being negative can create a poor brand image. If you are friendly and positive, you are more likely to see consumers who want to talk with you!

8) Use hashtags: As we’ve said before… the hashtag frenzy is not just a trend! Using a company specific hashtag along with related topics, will allow you to track what is being said. You can, also, use the what’s trending feature on Twitter or search by specific hashtag to then engage with the consumers talking about your business.

9) Post recent material: Social media serves as a way for consumers to track news on the things they care most about. Be sure to post articles, press releases, or other news related resources to keep your users up to date. If they have questions, they will likely ask you.

10) Call them to action: When posting, try to incorporate a call to action. Whether it be a follow, a retweet, etc., a call to action will increase the number of people who participate in conversation with your business.

It’s not too late to start communicating with your consumers. Who is talking about your brand right now? How can you use these social media tips to engage with them and create a lasting relationship? Check out your company’s Facebook or Twitter page this week to see who you can reach out to!


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