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Social media is a beautiful thing. Over the last decade, it has taken social and commercial communication to another level. As a small business, social media offers you cost effective and efficient marketing tools. Whether you want to focus on brand awareness or growing sales, social media allows you to reach your target consumer segment unlike any other marketing channel. However, in today’s market, simply being active on social media channels is not enough to drive business. Consumers are out there waiting for you to grab their attention! All you have to do is engage and create content that is worthy of it. But where do you start? Effective consumer engagement starts with a good goal or bullseye to guide your efforts. If you do not have one yet, no problem!

Here are some tips for and reasons why having a social media bullseye is good for your small business:

Why Goals are Important

Everyone loves to say goals are essential, but why are they important within social media? To start social media is quickly evolving into a primary form of communication. Today people around the world are able to share opinions and ideas instantly. This especially presents a business opportunity for small businesses. Without large marketing budgets, your small business can now reach customers and build business on these platforms like never before! That being said, without a primary social media object your efforts could be less impactful. Suppose you have set a goal of increasing traffic to your website by 15% by the end of the quarter. Where do you start? Using social media channels strategically can help you achieve this, however it takes planning and specific goals. If you do not have a social media bull’s eye, your efforts could reap little reward.\

Where to Begin

Start with looking at your company goals. Do you want to attract new customers? Do you need to drive sales? Maybe your aim is to build more brand loyal customers? These goals are easily transferable to a social media bull’s eye. Once you have chosen the company goals that you need to focus on, next create a social media plan that aligns. If your aim is to build brand loyalty, using a social media contest to gain followers could achieve that goal. For each platform you are active on, create a timeline and posting concepts. Then apply them to your social media plan. Picking a bull’s eye to hit on social media will help you obtain your goal and ultimately guide your business to success.

Keep Evolving Your Goals

Once you hit a bullseye, make sure you determine your next one. Goals are always changing within any business. After you achieve a goal, you move on and aim higher. Consequently the goals you have this year will be different next year. To keep your business growing, your goals have to keep evolving. Brainstorm ideas, narrow them down, refine and redefine your goals overtime. Redefining your goals will keep you thinking outside of the box and drive innovation. Social media bullseye’s are awesome tools that your small business can take advantage of. Don’t be afraid to start with a smaller goal and keep evolving it into something bigger overtime. Customers are out there waiting for you to grab their attention, why not start by picking your first goal today!

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About Jamie Teasdale

Jamie Teasdale founded Propel Businessworks, a small business development company, in 2009. Since then, she has been lending insight and creativity to businesses all over the U.S., giving them the tools they need to plan, promote, and prosper. A passionate visionary who is dedicated to seeing small businesses advance, Jamie was born and raised in Portland, OR to entrepreneuring parents. Watching, learning, and growing up in a small business family offered her unique insight into the solopreneur challenges they face in branding, planning, and promotion. At Propel, Jamie leads a dynamic team of contract professionals to execute innovative ideas providing businesses with a tailor-made plans and support to help their visions succeed.

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