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You’ve been working diligently to get your new website to perfection and spent hours upon hours doing the following:

  • choosing a design
  • choosing colors/fonts
  • creating fresh content with keywords integrated
  • selecting images that portray your content and are ethical (i.e. copyright infringement)
  • making sure you end up on the correct landing pages

And now, you want the world to know it is ready! You are sure to be proud of all of your work and effort, but now you have the task of showing it off.

How are you going to announce your new website and entice people into seeing the fruits of your labor?

Here are suggestions for bringing people to your new site:

Your social media platforms


If you have been using social media to communicate with your audience, then this is a great place and opportunity to tell people about your new site. Throughout the process of creating your website, you may want to post “teasers” such as “We’ve been hard at work. Check back on [release date] to see what we’ve been up to!”

After your website is complete, encourage your audience to visit the website. Be sure to include the URL (make sure it works first!). Another way to gain interest is by posting a photo of the site’s home page – people are visual after all! Consider posting more than once strategically.

Tip: Don’t forget to include your website on your social media platforms’ “about” sections (and make sure you update the link after completing your website).

Your e-newsletter

Simply Mail

Dedicate a section of your e-newsletter to the launch of your new website. Treat that section as an invitation; make it exciting! Include a picture – either of one of the pages or your logo – and make sure that image links back to your website. The easier for your audience to access your website, the better.

A blog


Show the before and after. You might choose to show some of the steps you took to get to the finished project…or, just take the opportunity to show it off! Your blog allows you to visually show your progress through the website. Plus, rumors say that search engines love blog posts.

However, your work is not done – in fact, it’s never done, but that’s okay! When it comes to your website, you should prepare for regularly updating and checking in to make sure your site continues operating at the level you expect it should.

Here are some things to consider for maintaining your new site:


SEO by Yoast

Now that you’ve created a website, has your SEO ranking changed? If your ranking did not improve as you wanted, then you’ll want to look through your content to incorporate keywords. Think about what someone looking for a company such as yours would type into Google, Bing, or Ask to find you.

If you used WordPress to build your website, we highly recommend installing the plugin “SEO by Yoast.” This plugin provides its users with a great guide to helping you improve your SEO. From red light indicating “bad SEO” to green indicating “good SEO,” installing the plugin is a sure way to guide you through making your website SEO friendly. Jamie discusses the increased SEO benefits to bloggers who use the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress sites in one of her recent articles for SteamFeed.

Updated info

Contact Form

Did you move? Change your number? Create a new social platform? Make sure that you regularly update your contact information. We have all been to a website or two (or 50) where the contact information is no longer valid. This often leaves us frustrated – and frustration leads to us leaving those websites. Don’t let all of your hard time and work go to waste!

Check your stats

Insights, statistics, analytics – whatever you call them – are not just tools that are offered for fun. They are included to help you find areas where you are successful and areas where you need to improve. Is your website getting hits (visits)? Which pages are getting more hits than others? This could be a good indicator of which pages may need SEO improvement.

Speed of your site

Image courtesy of Pixabay and ary74

Image courtesy of Pixabay and ary74

The loading speed of your website can make or break you. If too slow, your potential visitor is most likely going to leave your site for a competitor’s. There are numerous sites that help you test the speed of your site:

Mobile Friendly

Image courtesy of Pixabay and PIX1861

Image courtesy of Pixabay and PIX1861


Most website building platforms now help ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. However, to make sure, use a tool such as Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. It’s simple! Visit Copy and paste your web page URL and press analyze.

Launching a new website is an exciting time, but is also stressful. Take some time to strategically plan how you will promote your new website so your business and website can prosper.

Have questions about building your website or creative ways to promote? Let us know. We would love to help!


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