Image courtesy of Pixabay and pixelcreatures

Image courtesy of Pixabay and pixelcreatures

Business communication is a necessary aspect of any successful business. From a company website to blog postings to social media platforms, businesses are publishing more and more content on a regular basis. An easy to use publishing tool that many companies have grown to love is WordPress.

WordPress serves over 60 million people and powers more than 17% of the web. With so many people using WordPress, what’s so great about WordPress?:

1)     It’s a Free Platform:

Everyone likes to save money!

2)     Simple:

It’s user friendly and easy to use. You can start to build your personal website immediately and with ease.

3)     Flexible:

There are many different themes to choose from on the WordPress publishing site. You can choose the one that fits you and your company. (You can even create your own!)

4)     Media Storage:

WordPress has the ability to house your media and gives you the opportunity to edit it. Title it, put a caption, or create a gallery! It’s so easy to upload, too. All you have to do is drag an image in.

5)     Plugins:

WordPress comes with a variety of plugins that can be installed quickly and easily. These include calendars, SEO tools, spam protection, and many more.

6)     Comment Gatherer:

Comments come built-in with WordPress. Manage your comments and engage with your followers!

7)     Search Engine Optimization:

WordPress possess easy to use search engine optimization tools and plugins for further SEO control. WordPress will rate your SEO efforts and tell you where you need to improve according to their color-coded chart.

8)     Scheduling:

WordPress allows you to schedule out your blogs weeks in advance. This saves you and your employees’ valuable time.

9)     Multiple Languages:

WordPress is set up to cater to more than 70 languages.

10)  Support:

With support forums, blogs, and tutorials, users can get the help from the WordPress community.

11)  Mobile Friendly:

WordPress is accessible from anywhere. Apple, Android, and Blackberry all have WordPress applications available!

These are just 11 of the features that WordPress has to offer that make it a great tool for all businesses. Did we miss something that others should know about WordPress? Share it with us!


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