Rae Lynne – Client Testimonial

Rae Lynne

Naturally Clean NW

Propel Businessworks Client Testimonial

Q: What did you want as a result of your investment in Propel?

A: Honestly, to start my e-newsletter and my blog and reach out to my current clients as giving them more service for what they were paying for not just the cleaning of their home or their business

Q: What kind of data can you share to demonstrate that you made a good decision?

A: I think the more business, that my business has grown, having to hire more employees, being able to step out of my working in my business and more working on my business, but also just showing behind the scenes information as far as more people coming to my website, people reading the e-newsletter, and the blogs

Q: What assurance can you give other potential clients who are considering investing in Propel?

A: I think the assurance is that Jamie absolutely 100% delivers what she says she is going to. She puts her heart and soul into what she does. And the confidence, charisma, the joy she puts into what she does is… it just exemplifies through and knowing that she cares so much about your business and what she does so she delivers what she promises.

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