Steve Abrew – Client Testimonial

Steve Abrew

Cascade Business Support

Propel Businessworks Client Testimonial


Jamie: Hi Steve, How are you

Steve: Hi Jamie! How are ya? Come on in!

Jamie: Good to see you! Thanks for having me!

Steve: You’re welcome. Have a seat!

Jamie: Thank you!

Steve: Hi! My name is Steve Abrew. I am the owner of Cascade Business Services.
I started working with Propel about a year ago. The thing about my business… I’m kinda a one man band. I needed help selling my business. Propel has been a great partner and I would highly recommend them to my clients. In fact, I’ve done that several times already.

Jamie: Thank you so much for having me, Steve.

Steve: You’re welcome.

Jamie: Appreciate it. Have a good afternoon.

Steve: Take care!

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