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A look at what a digital sign can do for your business

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Many years ago when the first caveman (small business owner) decided that he did not want to hunt anymore, he had to chisel out his specials on the cave wall for his customers to see. When inventory or specials changed, he had to either mark out his signage or move his whole business to a new cave and re chisel everything new again. Moving ahead a few thousand years, businesses are still following that same concept. When prices change, or inventory runs low, the business has to redesign the sign, deliver it to the printer, and then wait for the updated signage. Meanwhile, new customers come through the business doors, and the result is missed opportunity, income, and less profit.

In the 21st century there are options that can help businesses of any size get past this conundrum.  Digital Signs first appeared in airports 15-20 years ago to display the constant change of information regarding flight status. Today, Digital Signage is a medium that every smart business uses to get a competitive edge. Digital Signage is an electronic display of relevant content such as television programming, menus, information, advertising, and other messages. Digital Signs frequently utilize technologies such as LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images. They can be found in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms, and corporate buildings (amongst other locations).

Here are some amazing statistics that illustrate the value of Digital Signage for the business owner:

  • A national research firm found that 70% of US residents age 12 or older have seen a digital video display in a public venue in the past month.
  • Nearly half (47%) of those who have seen a digital placed video in the last month specifically recall seeing the ad.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 (19%) of those who have seen a digital video ad state they made an unplanned (impulse) purchase after viewing the item.

A digital sign can be a small, three-inch video name badge that catches the eyes of a potential customer at a networking event. Recently, I had a client who was wearing one of these digital badges while running errands, and the name badge stimulated a conversation that led to a meeting with one of the biggest businesses in downtown Portland.

A local regional restaurant chain placed a small, ten-inch digital sign at the cash register to market an item that was not selling well. Three weeks after installing the sign, the sales of the featured item had increased ninety percent.

Whether a business is a single person or has multiple locations, there is a Digital Signage solution that will increase sales and profit for that business. In the last few years, the cost has become very affordable, more and more businesses are using Digital Signage every day. A $100 video name badge, a simple tablet offering interactivity with the customer, or a large video wall (if implemented correctly) can easily pay for itself very quickly. In today’s marketplace, people look more favorably on a business that appears to be ahead in technology. Don’t get left behind. Leverage advertising cost, increase sales, and build your bottom line. Take a look at what digital signage can do for your business.

amicus data, sheldon pennerSheldon Penner owns and operates Amicus Data. Sheldon has a nursing degree and has worked in the Emergency Room for 10 years. Now he applies the problem solving skills he learned in that profession to the technology field. For information on these or any other digital signage questions please visit their Facebook page.


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