Powerless to Powerful Women: Molly Mandelberg Has Found Her Calling

IMG_0534Meet Molly Mandelberg, I am passionate about my work for two main reasons: 1) is that I love seeing people thriving and figuring things out and really utterly happy. 2) is that far too often I come across incredible, powerful, beautiful, talented women with no self worth, who hate themselves, their bodies, or their jobs.

Often these women are dating men who treat them as poorly as they treat themselves. (Or worse, are married to them.) It’s easy from the outside to say there’s something wrong there. But coming from someone who’s been there, in the dark with low self worth, an unfulfilling job and in love with someone just as unhappy, I can tell you, it can take an incredible amount of strength to first see that there’s an issue and then ask for help in those situations.

And once you are ready, finding the right kind of help is so important.

Most often it is as simple (and complicated) as mastering your mindset.

That’s what I do. I work with intuitive, compassionate women who, even though they’re smart and tuned in, are still feeling small and disempowered and sometimes just downright suffering in their relationships and in their lives. I help them master their mindset and stand fully in their power so they can create happy, healthy relationships and a bold and joyful life. I call it empowerment advocacy.

There is nothing more satisfying to me then watching someone shift from hopeless to hopeful. Training people to transform their outlook on life from powerless to powerful.

wild banner2I feel like one of those lucky people who happened to find out what they were passionate about early in life. Now I get to help other people follow the breadcrumbs toward their passions. While I’ve only been officially in business for about a year, I have been doing this work almost my entire life. As a small girl, when a friend of mine was being picked on for not moving forward into the next grade, I remember standing up for her and doing whatever I could to assure her that she was smart and good and on the right track. Sounds silly but it’s true.

After spending a lifetime analyzing how people operate and think and grow, I’ve spent over eight years studying the essence of being and the law of attraction as well as how to heal and rejuvenate relationships and how to get the most energy and vitality out of your life. I am delighted to have found a way to funnel all of that information – or more accurately, the strategies that really moved the needle for me in life – into a widely accessible (meaning “online”), though exclusive, program (limited to 30 participants) that is launching January 16th.

My new program, called Heartspace Boot Camp: The 21 Day No B.S. Road to Happy, Healthy Relationships, is structured into three weeks, separated by conference calls to review the material and answer questions, where we go from the internal world to the external. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Week One focuses on the Self and the mind mastering tricks.
  • Week Two gives frameworks for how to better connect and communicate with others.
  • Then Week Three explores purpose and what we intend to contribute to the world, the legacy we want to leave and how to go about living that.

It's Time...Spots are limited to ensure that each participant can have access to feedback and support during the course. Also, it allows those in the program to get to know each other via the private Facebook group and weekly conference calls, which begins building a support network where participants can expand into a community with others who are making similar breakthroughs in their own lives. (Register Here)

Some people find they are at a turning point in life and will do anything they can to keep things the way they are, terrified of change. Then there are people who need a gentle kick in the bum to move forward. I have happily assigned myself as a loving and compassionate a**kicker.

It’s time to move forward into more clarity, confidence, connection and joy!

Your future is waiting.

Molly Mandelberg, WildHeartsRiseUp.com


IMG_0534About Molly: Molly Mandelberg has been studying personal development, high performance, the law of attraction and the nature of being for many years to be able to effectively assist women in empowering themselves.  She received her hypnotherapy certification at The Life Transformation Center, where she studied the Transformational Healing Method created by Marilyn Gordon.  She has also undergone Past Life Regression Therapy training with Dr. Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute in New York. 

Molly studied Art at the University of Oregon and traveled the world for a number of years, collecting the experiences she needed to be successful creating transformation in the lives of others.  She also enjoys leading workshops and retreats as a motivational speaker, helping people take their lives to the next level.  

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