Making Time for Personal Priorities

3.4.21 Personal Priorities Hudson & AJJ

As a business owner since 2009, I’ve found that many times over the years I’ve had to learn the value of taking time to invest in personal priorities. As a responsibilitarian, my clients and the workloads often even take precedence over my own self-care.

But some weeks, months, and even years (Hello, 2020!) call for extra investment in personal priorities, which is why it was a back-to-back-to-back weekend of festivities and fun last weekend when…

FRIDAY: My niece asked me to spend her 8th birthday with her and I chose to take Friday afternoon off and celebrate with her. She chose her own adventure with shopping and treats and a day with cousins at the park. This little one changed everything when she entered the world in 2013. I never knew I could love another human so fiercely. Happy birthday sweet girl!

SATURDAY: I took the day for friend catch-up time and went wine tasting in Yamhill county with this gem. Meet Jade, spitfire, adventurer, content creator, social media maven, and one of the funniest and bravest ladies I know. We sat by a fire pit and enjoyed Pinot Noir and bubbles like true Oregonians should at least once in their life, laughing the afternoon away and savoring our time together.

SUNDAY: My main squeeze (and the captain of my heart) and I launched our new boat for its maiden voyage on the Willamette with @everybodyloveshalo and a few friends.

If you don’t recall, we traveled to Martha’s Vineyard last September to see this floating beauty in person before purchasing it. After making its way across the country via transport, it arrived in November and we’ve been fast at work getting it ready for my husband’s charter business this year.

T-Sea is a Parker 2820 charter boat that will be moored in Garibaldi, Oregon starting in May and ready for salmon, halibut, bottom fish, crabbing, and the captain’s favorite, TUNA fishing.

We tested all the equipment, made a list of additional items we’ll need to bring along for each adventure, soaked up some sunshine, tunes, good eats, and relished the laughter with our friends in T-Sea’s epic first trip in Oregon waters!

Let me just say this… we can work our whole lives away, grinding and hustling to make a dollar, or striving for a vacation. But when the rubber meets the road, isn’t it worth the investment to pour our time and attention into those we love, even if it means taking three days off in a row?

I sure think so. And guess what? I was more ready than ever to hit the inbox and production schedule on Monday having taken three whole days to play.

Making time for personal priorities feeds our soul and fills our own tank just as much as we fill others by investing our time into them.

Jamie Teasdale

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